Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dec 26, 2012
For all our users and guests, we extend our best wishes for a joyous holiday season and prosperous new year. May all your plans and desires be fulfilled in the coming year.

With all best wishes,

Forums Informe Support Team

Happy New Year to everyone!
Dec 29, 2011
Dear all!

How time flies! The New Year is already about to come.

This year has brought us many difficulties and problems, which we have been working hard on to overcome all of them for a long time. However, we remain optimistic about our future. We believe that next year our service will work even better, and certainly not without the cooperation and activity of our portals' administrators and users, which we always appreciate a lot.

We wish you to have Happy Holidays and we hope you'll enjoy service next New Year, as well.

Some upgrading processes on our server
Nov 23, 2011

Dear All!

Due to some upgrading processes which are provided on our server now, some of our services, such as new portals' registration and Wiki, may be postponed or work incorrectly. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

Besides that, we are glad to announce  that some new buttons for sharing purposes in the social networks (Google+,Facebook, etc.) have been recently added to all the Phpbb3 portals.

A new Mod “Share on”, a new UploadApplet, blocks’order option added.
Jul 16, 2010

Dear all!

We are glad to announce that a new mod “Share on” has been added to your Forums. It enables you to share the content of your preferred topics in the popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Digg, MySpace, Delicious, Technorati, etc. Please, switch on to this mod related buttons in your Administration Control Panel   in the “Share on” section.

Additionally, a new UploadApplet allowing you batch image uploads has been added to the Gallery. (Please, see a “new inlay” --> “new tab” options at the “Add items”  page)

Furthermore, a portal administrator is now able to select the blocks’ order on the main portal page.

Finally, we’ve made some minor updates for the web page speed optimizing.

A new gallery flash block and a last topic title display feature added
Jun 21, 2010

Dear users! 

We are proud to announce that a new feature – a flash block which allows to view images from selected gallery album – has been added to the list of blocks available for portal page. Since this block is still in beta version, only two types of its view can be presented for your attention. Please, post your comments and suggestions on our Forum ( We are very glad to consider all your suggestions for improving Gallery module.
Additionally, you can see the gallery flash block and how it works on our theme testing portal

Finally, we’ve added a new feature allowing to display the topic title which the last post is related to in the last column on your Forum. This option can be switched on in your Administration Control Panel --> Mods --> Forum appearance MODs section.

A new structure of the support forum, 3 new styles and other minor updates
Jun 4, 2010

Dear users!


Thanks to your requests, feedbacks and suggestions we were able to create a new structure for our support forum at As you can see, we’ve added some new forums, subforums and topics which will surely make your communication at our forum more convenient.

Please, also enjoy our new “Problem report form”. By using this form you will be able to get the assistance of our technicians in the fastest way. We are very grateful for your cooperation!


Our other  minor updates for Phpbb 3 portals are:

  •  3 new themes added X-Silver, pro-ubuntu, absolution (temporary available for forums only)
  • “Resize larger images to this width” option added (ACP -- Mods--Different forum appearance mods) This option can be useful to prevent design crash from images too wide for the forum.
  • For all the WoW guild forums: a new block "Guild Recruitment" added to the main portal page (can be switched on by a special request to our technicians)
  • A new calendar mini-block added to the main portal page (can be set in the Administration panel)


New forum appearance MODs, backup/restore and news features added
May 21, 2010
Dear Users! We are very glad to announce that we’ve recently added some new features to the portals.
We hope that you’ll enjoy our two new mods “Hide-from-guests” and “Recent posts block” available in the Administration panel -- Mods -- Different forum appearance MODs.
Both mods have been created thanks to your feedbacks and suggestions and we are sure that these features provide you with more convenience and pleasure by working on your forums.
Furthermore, we have added a new ability to create a full backup not only of your forum database, but also of the whole content of your portal.  This backup/restore option is now available in the Setup panel in an additional inlay. Please, also do not miss our news which are now displayed in the News inlay placed in the Setup panel too!

Finally, we are delighted to inform all the portal administrators that the upgrading process has been recently resumed and all the portals from our waiting list will be upgraded very soon.

Tag board added
Apr 30, 2010

Dear Users!


We are very proud to inform you that the new customizable Ajax chat type - Tag Board- has been added to all the Phpbb3 portals today. You can see it at the main portal’s page and it can be switched on in your ACP ->Tagboard->Enable Tagboard. We hope you’ll enjoy our new chat view! Your feedbacks are welcome!


"Show poll voters" option added
Apr 28, 2010

Dear Users!


We are glad to announce that a new option "Show poll voters" has been added to the Administration panel->Mods->Different forum appearance MODs menu. This feature enables you to display all the voters at your Forum’s page. You will be able now to select to show the poll voters by list or under every voted option or do not show the poll voters at all. We hope that this will be very useful and convenient for the work on your portals.

We also would like to inform you that the Mod has been added to the portals of Phpbb1 and Phpbb2 versions recently.



A new theme added
Apr 23, 2010

Dear users!

We are very glad to inform you that a new theme  "Minimalistic" has been added to the all portals of our community. This theme can be chosen for your Portal or Forum pages only (not for Wiki, Gallery or Blog).  We hope you'll enjoy decorating your portal by using this new design.

"Custom user title" option added
Apr 23, 2010
Dear all!

We've added a new option "Custom title" to the user's profile form. Its content will be displayed near the avatar on the Forum. This way you will be able to write a special title for every member of your portal.

Blacklist feature enabled
Apr 23, 2010

Dear all!

We are delighted to announce that thanks to our partnership with the organization the administrators of portals are now able to publish the black list of companies, public services, products and people who have ever disappointed users’ hopes.

The blacklist is displayed in two widgets: the first one is available in the left column of the main portal’s page; and the second widget is shown in one of the down lines of the forums’ pages. Note that this feature is enabled now only for Portal-II. 

By default, users can see the top complaints from the , but every portal’s administrator  is able to customize his/her personal black list by simple registration at and getting an ID number which should be entered in the Administration control panel (ACP -> Appearance MODs) .
Soon you will be able to switch it on/off according to your wishes (for portal’s page - in the Setup panel; for forum’s page - in the ACP).


We hope that you’ll enjoy using the mod in our community!

Moving to a New Server‎
Feb 25, 2010
Dear users! We would like to announce that all the portals of our community will be transferred to a new server in about 1-2 weeks. Due to this reason, some portals can be inaccessible for a while. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience. We hope that the work on a new server will improve the performance and provide our users with new resources which make our service highly enjoyable.  

Two new themes added
Feb 5, 2010

Dear Users!


We are glad to announce that 2 new themes have been added to the PHPbb3 portals of the community. These are WoWMoonclaw and Vistablue. You can select one of them for your Forum’ - and Main Portal’s page, but not for Wiki or Blog sections.  It is no doubt that we continue working on adding new styles and themes to our portals. So, your comments, bug reports, new suggestions are welcome!  We are always ready to consider them. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions and enjoy our service at!

Portal registration problem solved
Oct 1, 2009
Dear Users! We are glad to inform you that the new portals' registration problem has been resolved completely. We hope that you'll enjoy our service and find it convenient and nice. 

Registration Issues
Sep 16, 2009
Dear all! Due to some technical reasons we are forced to close the registration of the new portals for a while. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience. We are working diligently to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

New features added
Aug 28, 2009
Dear Informe users! As many of you had asked us in the Support Forum we've changed the captcha design in the posts and in the registration form too. Now you'll be able to use recaptcha which is more readable and convenient. We've also added an automatical antivirus check for every file uploaded to the forums. This enables our users more protection against adware, malware and other unwanted downloads. We are waiting forward to your commentaries and suggestions on our Support Forum.

Security questions and answers
Apr 24, 2009
Dear all! The antispam questions and answers have been created as a test option on our forums which will provide our users with the high security from spam messages. This option is under development and we are testing its work now. We are working on the ability to switch on/off this function for every portal in ACP and on the possibility to change questions. We are going to improve the design too. We hope on your understanding. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

New portals on the new server
Apr 22, 2009
Dear users! Since this week all new portals will be created on the new server. It is aimed to make the work of our system better. We hope you will find our service convenient and nice. 

Recent news
Apr 20, 2009
Dear all! We have activated the function which enables the new registered portals to get an account on our forum automatically. After you receive the e-mail with the activation link for your portal and follow this link, you’ll find your username and password for the forum of our support on the opened page. You can use them by logging in to the You are also able to change the username and the password in accordance with your desire.

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