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User Comments:
1. | May 10, 2014
I was drawn by the hoesnty of what you write
2. | Jan 8, 2014
It’s really inntirapiosal interview to me. I wonder thinking how much successful life she (Sharmin Atik) is leading among Personal & Career life!!! It’s really tough to make a balance between family & Workplace but she is doing it successfully…May ALLAH help Sharmin Atik & her family…
3. | Jan 8, 2014
Very nice interview.Definitely Sada Kalo makes a dfeferint image and make us understand that Only Black and White can be the blast of colors to create something new,But,One thing I want to mention,if the fabric can be little qualitative it will really runs for long.
4. | Jan 7, 2014
It’s really isatirnpional interview to me. I wonder thinking how much successful life she (Sharmin Atik) is leading among Personal & Career life!!! It’s really tough to make a balance between family & Workplace but she is doing it successfully…May ALLAH help Sharmin Atik & her family…
5. | May 4, 2013
XqPnzU cbxzitgwthjv
6. | May 4, 2013
What distresses me the most about the Maureen Castriotta siuottian is the way in which the BOE trampled her Constitutional rights. Also, the Board members have now opened us up to a costly law suit because they acted as authority above the Constitution of the United States and can now be officially recalled according to the BOE bylaws.The town lawyer did not read the all of Section 0146. Here is the pertinent part that was omitted at last night's meeting: Board members are entitled to express themselves publicly on any matter, including issues involving the Board and the school district. Individual Board members cannot, however, express the position of the Board except as expressly authorized, in accordance with the Board Policy No. 9120. A Board member shall not represent his/her personal opinion as the position of the Board and shall include in all formal expressions in which his/her Board affiliation is likely to be recognized, such as letters to government officials or newspapers, speeches to organizations and the like, a statement that the opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the board.She did not violate that part of the bylaws. According to the bylaws, she was free to express her opinion. It was malicious slander and nothing less. Regarding the walk out . First, it was authorized by Mr. Swanson and Dr. Rossi. They knew the day before that it was going to happen and they did nothing to discourage the students from doing it. This action, in itself, opens us up to any number of law suits. Most of those children were minors. As such, permission slips would be needed to excuse a student from class. I sincerely doubt that 600 permission slips were obtained. Secondly, a permit for lawful assembly was not issued to these students. Thirdly, the press was welcomed at the walk out which makes me believe that either Mr. Swanson or Dr. Rossi invited them to attend.Lastly, if the principal of the high school and the superintendent cannot MANAGE and exert their authority over their students, they are incompetent and should be DISMISSED immediately.Shame on Pat Miller who only stated the view point (and IMHO, a pack of lies) that Rossi and Swanson presented as truth etched in stone. Shame on those who voted to censure Ms. Castriotta. At the very least, she should start the recall procedure against the members of the board for trampling her rights.
7. | May 4, 2013
Rodney is afraid of his own party As was pntioed out by Rep. Lance in a recent Star Ledger Article he [Lance] was told they (The R's) would find someone to run against him in next years primary. And I would bet Rodney has been told the same thing toe the line and speak only the talking points. Too bad. Rodney and the rest of the R's are quoting statistics provided by Heritage Foundation (very Right Wing Conservative and another is a subsidiary of United Health, no bias there)We need a public option and we should be looking at the approach used by Germany, or France, or the Swiss. No one in those countries go without heath coverage, no one dies because of a lack of insurance (45,000 in U.S. every year according to Harvard Study and Journal of Medicine, no one files for bankruptcy because of medical costs (700,000 plus in this Country every year).The free market [the question here is what free market when it comes to the health insurance market ; Adam Smith is laughing at us from the grave) has done damage to the country. The R's should be worried as the cost of insurance pushes jobs over seas or if the company can't move operations over seas then they just reduce or in many cases just drops the health insurance coverage. Then again as long as their (The R's) major contributors and the Chamber of Commerce is happy they don't really care. For 60-years , since Truman ,. who had started to push for universal health in 1947/48, the R's and the insurance industry have blocked any attempt to level the playing field. And today they the insurance companies are fat , dumb and happy with their ever expanding profits. Now if they could only figure out how to cut back on Medicare or even eliminate it they could die happy.The question is what type of country or society do we want to live in? The other major industrial counties in the world made that moral decision years ago now can we make the same moral decision and then move forward with a fair and equitable plan that protect not only those who can afford to pay but also the weakest and poorest in our society. I wonder if Rodney has the stomach or the courage to do just that and not worry about the next election or what his party thinks.
8. | Jun 28, 2012
kotha thik bujhlam na. Kiser Verification link er kotha bolehcn? Proof box a buyer jevabe caibe thik sevabei proof diben. Jodi screenshot chay tobe kivabe diben tao tini bole diben. Direct kono file MIcroworkers a upload kora jay na. Just onno hosting server a upload kore link submit korte parben. Thanks