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1. | Jun 29, 2014
harekrishnaji - I did was beautiful, thnkasJeevan - I wish I couldDharmabum - for a few moments only..back to civilisation nowSukku - Yes, it is beautiful sure you must have had a good time then Vishesh - :) very peaceful..not a soul UK - Not very locals still pollute it , but much better than all those lakes in hill stations Mridula - was so silent and peaceful out there..Mitr - love travelling to hidden spots :)Aaarti - thnkas for the wishes..yes, the silence still echoes in my earsKamini - for how long is the question ..Alok - thnkas :)Anu - your dads from talk to him more about these places ..Ravi - Looking forward to themMatt - Thanks..:)Indrani - yes and its great fun to travel like that magiceye - thnkas :)celine - thnkas..its very quiet and untouched by man as of now Arun - Do visit and Im sure u will enjoy the tripVamsee - yes, the peaceful setting adds to the beauty