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- Description: Everyone has their own funny stories....My grandmother used to tell us about different kinds of stories especially the funny ones which was my favorite but now shes gone and I'm missing her so much...
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User Comments:
1. | Aug 5, 2014
atRzNr Thanks for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.
2. | Jun 18, 2014
ANDY: Once more, Russia says 93no94 to Western Perversion. I92ve read this a couple of times now, and still can92t tell if the auohtr of Mat Rodina is serious, or if this is a piss-take. Answers on a postcard, please. I've read your comment about this appalling, barbaric blog post a couple of times now and still can't tell if it (your comment, not the blog post) is serious or if it is a piss-take. Anyone glancing at the horrific stream of fascist comments in support of crushing homosexual rights in Russia that appear with the post can tell that it is absolutely serious, and your failure to issue a clear condemnation is reprehensible. It's nothing to joke about, even if it were a joke! A person of good conscience can't simply link to unspeakable filth of this kind and say make of it what you will. You're doing a great service by highlighting the obscene garbage being churned out by the crazed Russian nationalists (this is a guy whose work has appeared in the Russian mainstream press ), but you cannot simply stand on the sidelines.Can't help but wonder whether any of your Russophile readers will forward to condemn this apelike assault on civilization. They didn't the last time you pointed out a similarly outrageous assault. Seems they're all of one mind, and why shouldn't they be if the Kremlin is too.La Russophobeb4s last blog post..
3. | Mar 19, 2014
cierto . pero en los hombres no es muy dpeerentfia los hombres es importante ser musculoso o bueno pa la pelota, eso es status, el equivalente a estar a la moda y combinada en las mujeres.ningun hombre se anda jactando que es macabeo aun cuando eso le traiga felicidad, pero si se folla a medio Chile es digno de respeto, aun cuando lo pase mal en el proceso se sienta solo y vacioninguna mujer se anda jactando que se comio a todo Chile, mientras mas pacata mejor mirada entre feminas, ser puta es un crimen entre mujeres y marca escarlata de riesgo.los hombres condenamos a los weones que escuchan luismi, rickymarti o arjona, por mucho que Negro reniege de eso, las mujeres reniegan de las metaleras, rockeras, etc.tratar de impresionar al otro genero o al tuyo9 me parece una webada en todo caso, al unico ser que deberias impresionar y ser fiel es a ti mismo, vivir complaciendo a los otros es signo de no quererse ni respetarse
4. | Mar 17, 2014
etot kurginyan sodalt rothschildov! ego tozhe raskrutshiwaut w Rossii dlja psewdosozialisma po trotskomu (nowi tolpolitarism) i raswala Rossii (revoluzia kak eto uzhe bilo) Info pro kurginyana na KPE.  ru !!!Dmitri Slawoljubov ..wash bibleiski projekt w rasnowidnoi forme skoro prowaliza i washa psewdowlast (kapitalism, pwsewdosozialism gde toka elita rulit a ne narod..) isbrannix balnix skoro bolshe nebudet