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3. | Apr 6, 2014
As a Brit living in Vancouver, Canada, lonkoig forward hugely to attending this fantastic show again this year & mingling with all you great folks in Washington State. Totally love your show, love Bellevue & love Washington! One suggestion: Since 2012 is the 50th Anniversary of the MG, have you considered a special honouring for the MG as well? There is after all a very healthy attendance of MG's at your show. Anyhow, see you there and perhaps also see some of you good folks at the ABFM at VanDuesen Gardens (Vancouver) on May 19th.
4. | Apr 4, 2014
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5. | Dec 16, 2013
Joey, thank you for your interest in the show. Please feel free to coantct me on (206)365-5807 or at if I can provide any additional information. Did you know that we will be giving special awards and recognition to folks who are at the ABFM for the first time?
6. | Dec 13, 2013
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7. | Aug 30, 2013
Cute pictures of Keegan. Loved the one with the hat and plnyiag with his tongue. The moose doesn't look very big anymore. Before you know it the boys will be 6' or more and eating all the time. Grandpa and Grandma S
8. | Aug 28, 2013
I am stunned, too! WTF?!?!Jack Morris was a WORKHORSE and a BULLDOG! Anything less than a HOF aaccptence is BS!He broke my heart when I was a kid because he left for Minnesota, but I still think he was one of the greatest pitchers of his era. He won his second Championship with his hometown team. He departed the next year for Toronto and won it back to back. He won three straight Championships! That Game Seven Classic against the Braves where Morris pitched 10 innings and won was one of the most clutch performances in WS Game 7 History. That pitching performance earned him the World Series MVP. He threw a no-no for us against the ChiSox. He won the Babe ruth Award twice. He was voted an All Star 5 times and won 4 World Series rings. His near 2,500 strike outs rank him above such HOF greats like Catfish Hunter and Sandy Koufax, With 254 career wins, Jack would rank above HOF'ers Jaun Marichal, Whitey Ford and Don Drysdale.The Winningest Pitcher of the 1980 s deserves the nod, hands down. Please give him his spot in the Halls. By the way, Jack, when choosing which uniform to be enshrined in, go with the Olde English D, it looks the best on you!
9. | Aug 28, 2013
I don't think Curt would have much of a shot winning any eeoitcln. Is there anyone out there who actually likes him? For all he did for Boston, still every Boston fan I know doesn't really like him, they just respond to questions with something like, well, I'm really happy for what he helped accomplish for us, but he should shut his mouth because he's an idiot.As for Moose in Hall, I guess it makes sense that he not get in if we look at his peers who will be getting nominated around the same time- Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine, Randy Johnson, Clemens, Pedro. Those are all guys who were incredibly dominant. Moose, as great as he was, just wasn't in that league. While I have never thought much of Glavine, he does have the magic number and that's what counts to get him over the hump. As far as Moose playing on the Orioles in the 90s and Yankees in the 2000s, that's true that that probably helped him get some wins, but it's also true that pitching in the AL East probably took away it's fair share of wins from him. Facing at various times the Sox, Yankees, Orioles, and Blue Jays is not an easy task- far more difficult than playing in other divisions. This is the premier offense division and probably always will be.Side note: if Moose shouldn't get in before Blyleven- should Schilling get in before him? Or before Jack Morris for that matter? Schilling's got the 3000+ strikeouts, but he doesn't have the win total of Moose or Blyleven (who also has more Ks, as do Clemens, the Unit, Maddux, and Pedro). He also has the postseason record, making him similar to Morris. If you put those together does it make him Hall worthy? I don't know. I think right now people think he and Moose should get in, but in five years from now, with some perspective, I think people will answer no.'
10. | Jun 24, 2013
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11. | Jun 23, 2013
Absolutely first rate and copper-bottomed, gnetelmen!
12. | Jun 6, 2013
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13. | May 29, 2013
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