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1. | May 31, 2013
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2. | May 24, 2013
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3. | May 24, 2013
I seem to have the same problem. I am 32 yrs old femlae and the first time I got this was 6 months ago. I was in a hut in the mountains. I thought I am going to die there. After that I had 2 more attacks. Each of them happen for me when I am on my period. Also happens after sitting down of a not so soft chair and standing up. First it begins with a knife cutting pain in my lower abdominal area combined with my bum, as if I need to go to have a BM. I go and sit on the toilet and it gets worse nothing comes out and the knife cutting gets so intense that I think I am going to faint any second. Last time I was close -everything became white but maybe I was too scared and was breathing wrong. After 2 visits at the emergency, blood tests and x ray nothing was found. My attacks usually last for about 2 hours and then the stabbing pain transforms into a dull ache and radiates all over my tummy and stomach (still very uncomfortable especially during movements, lying down, standing up, etc).This dull ache lasts then for about a week.I have no idea what triggers it the only similarities of these 3 attacks were:day 1 or 2 on my periodstanding up from a hard chairthinking heavy thoughts/ being worried/ stressedThe 2 months where nothing happened I was taking magnesium for about a week as my period cramps are usually really bad. I know for a fact that magnesium has helped me get rid of very bad calf spasms over night. So today I am on my period again (after the last two months I had attacks) and I have been taking magnesium. So I really hopes it will work.Other things I have tried during these attacks- while I had no clue what was actually happening with me:Buscopan (cramp relief drug) small relief Baking soda small relief thought it will help pass gas or BMClonazepam (anxiety drug & muscle relaxant) small relief took it because I was freaked outNovaminsulfon (= metamizole powerful analgestic drug) good relief of the stabbing Walking once it helped the second time: not at allDrinking water once it seemed to have helped now that I think about itI have also hemorrhoids and been wondering if this affects the severity of it? since many of you seem to have shorter attacks and then it's all gone.. while I suffer from the aftermath for about a week Hope the Magnesium idea helps for me now and for you all it certainly won't have negative effects. Only one thing, make sure you take it daily!! (300-400 mg dose) and 1x day and after a meal, otherwise it could cause some pretty bad (not long lasting) runs! So great to read all your stories I will try the bum pressing, the aspirin and the meditating and maybe the hot bath but I pray I won't have to!!!
4. | May 22, 2013
These topics are so confusing but this hpeeld me get the job done.