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1. | Jun 27, 2014
Hey krissyThanks for ptonisg this.It might help to ask your teacher to talk to the escort. The teacher could ask him to change the way he treats you so he could still be a laugh without annoying you. *It's especially important to tell an adult you trust if you don't feel safe with him or if he makes you feel hurt or sad.*Because I want you to feel safe and happy, and I know you and your teacher, I emailed Mrs F to make sure she saw this post. She's told me that she's talked to you about it and she'll ask you about it again to check you're OK. You can talk to her, your parents, me or any other adult you trust about it at any time. It's OK to say if you don't want to go with that escort anymore.Well done for ptonisg this. It's something that could be an issue for other young people with their transport to school, so if they read this they'll know they're not the only ones. That might help them to talk to someone about what's worrying them.You can call Enquire if you have any problems with transport to school. We won't tell anyone you called unless you are in danger. Then we would tell someone whose job is to help you, because we'd be worried about you. Enquire helpline 0845 123 2303 or