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14. | Dec 9, 2013
Craziness. So much craziness...Good work that you made it throguh it all considering the time frame. Some really nice shots to e.g. Campari bottles.Saw the "Dude, Where's the Food" sign. Was going to write up about stalls with unconventional names e.g. "The Really Stuffed Olive Co." but was culled in "editing". Feels strange to say that considering how long mine was.Though the love is free, shame the cook book wasn't :P Or perhaps not...
15. | Dec 4, 2013
Hi Scott - Always a good night if there's good food involved! Glad you had fun and hope you enjoy all your slopis!Hi Simon Food Favourites - I'm guessing he doesn't have a blog for some reason! Here's hoping he comes around soon and joins the blogging party!Hi Scott - Correction noted :)Hi Zoe - lol. I am more than a little frightened by the typo! Eek!Hi Simon - 108 photos later... and I was curious to see how many people would view the videos so I disabled embedding to get an indication of click-throughs.
16. | Dec 4, 2013
Hi Debzillah - Don't worry, I've done the same thing when I've looked at other posts. I spent 7 hours there! lolHi Simon - Thanks. There were lots of qkuiry names. I like a good sense of humour in a company! And hey, maybe if the printing was free... lolHi lili - Don't worry, I didn't buy any maple chips either, although I have a feeling they weren't for sale? Methinks they were just for display?I have been known to lick my life but only when I'm on my own and nobody's watching. lol!Hi Forager - There was so much to see and do it seemed a shame not to capture as much as I could. I didn't hang out much in the media lounge but in hindsight, maybe I should have! lolHi Tara - Manu is my kinda man indeed :) And November isn't too far away - at least you've got a teaser of the some of the things to expect now!Hi Lance - Glad you enjoyed the post. That's what I love about food blogs - you can almost convince yourself you were there :)Hi Belle - Thanks. There was so much to see and do, but the Masterchef session was very entertaining, but that's because Matt Preston was up there! He is gold!Hi Veruca Salt - Good to hear you enjoyed yourself. I, too, found Gordon a little subdued, and yes, that's what I was saying too - no more Drinks theatre and no Woody. It just wasn't the same without him this year :(Hi Jules - Ahh I can only imagine the pain of manning a stall all day when secretly I'd want to be roaming all the other exhibitors.And you're welcome. Always happy to support a fellow food blogger, especially one with such great recipes :)Hi Rilsta - No probs. I use a Nikon D90 with a 50mm 1.4 lens. The Masterchef show I was in the tiered seating, so a fair way back - all about having a steady hand and taking multiple photos!Hi Peter G - Aww thanks. I wish I could've been right there in your kitchen eating that pumpking soup! omg... divine!Hi FFichiban - I think everyone missed something. Also depended on what day you went, but oh so much fun.Hi RK - Haha, everybody loves Manu! And why not? He's hot, esp in his chef whites!Hi goosmurf - I saved you the hassle of all that walking :) But yes, you'll have to get there next year!Hi Chick Pea - Aww thank you. We did think it seemed suspicious that Justine was there but apparently on Sat, Chris, Andre and Poh were there? Hard to tell, although everyone has their suspicions... lolHi K - Haha, I got a phone call from Suze as soon as you left! Did you get any end-of-Show bargains?Hi Panda - I came away with some stuff but not a huge amount. I'm used to going on the Sunday when everything gets discounted and then I start to go a little crazy!Hi LoveFeast Table - haha, there was lots to see and eat. I would love to go to the Confectionary Convention in NYC - I saw pics of them and omg, Willy Wonka or what?!Hi Chocolatesuze - It seemed to take forever, but ha, not half as long as you spent baking biscuits last week. lolHi Sam - Do we have the next headline act for next year's Show? Forget the international chefs - I think Manu deserves prime billing!Hi Marie Eats - lol. Hello! I admit I'm not quite as used to Suze when it comes to meeting readers but it's always fun! Glad that your salmon wasn't overcooked and oh the umeshu plum wine is very "easy drinking". haha. You should be able to get it at larger bottle shops. And thank you for commenting!Hi Johanna - Thanks for the VIP pass - such a treat to get access to the media lounge and even having the pass made exhibitors much more accommmodating and helpful with photos. There was so much to see I couldn't help but take so many photos. The 108 photos were actually culled down from over 500!
17. | Jun 21, 2013
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18. | Jun 2, 2013
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19. | May 28, 2013
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20. | Dec 31, 2007
I can't be bothered with anything. Pretty much nothing seems worth bothering with, but I don't care. I just don't have anything to say right now. Not much on my mind these days, but I guess it doesn't bother me. My life's been really bland these days, but whatever.
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21. | Dec 28, 2007
Basically nothing noteworthy happening , but such is life. Pfft. So it goes. I haven't gotten much done lately. What can I say?
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