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1. | Jun 29, 2018
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2. | Jun 29, 2018
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5. | Jan 22, 2018
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6. | Jan 6, 2018
7. | Jun 27, 2014
Hey Kim, sound for the link. Yeah, he's the swipe-master alright.It used to rellay bug me that he was so successful when his talent was very much in doubt, but i remember picking up an issue of X-Force he did a year or so ago, and i had to just laugh at how he avoided drawing feet in EVERY panel. So i just get amusement out of it.Also, it's easy to have a go at him; he's the poster-boy for such behaviour, but there's plenty of lack-luster artists out there who are incredibly popular. THAT bugs me. People look back at Liefeld's work and go 'tut-tut', but there's plenty of it going on today.Dec
8. | Dec 16, 2013
- Hi, I am married to Jessicas cosiun. We came to Jessicas & Ben's wedding from Milwaukee and had a wonderful time. I love this blog and I think it is an amazing way of capturing someones wedding!!! I wish that my wedding could have been posted on a blog like yours. I would definetly keep this going in the future! Thank you for sharing a wonderful wedding story with beautiful pictures!
9. | Dec 13, 2013
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10. | Dec 5, 2013
All that happens is after you enter your open id (in my case, my lrvjnouiael blog) the page reloads with no notification that your comment went through. Which is why I commented twice. I didn't realize the first one went through. It's much easier to just register with intensedebate and comment.
11. | Dec 3, 2013
I would like to use your article tilted Are Your Customers Big Mouths for our quarterly employee newsletter. It is used for internal purposes only and is distributed to our employees via email. I will be sure to include the tag line as requested. Thank you so much and I look forward to following your site now that I have found you.
12. | Dec 2, 2013
Hi Kimberly,Welcome to our open world. I suppose we as a stcoeiy are all going through a process of learning about transparency, both the good and bad aspects. The good news is, your writing is attracting attention and I'm guessing that the majority who read your work or connect with you, like you. At the end of the day it is the trust you personally establish that will draw the right people to you.Those who edit or try to you use your good name to their advantage generally fizzle out over time. People can see through hype.Kevin
13. | May 26, 2013
This could not pssiolby have been more helpful!
14. | May 24, 2013
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15. | May 21, 2013
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16. | May 20, 2013
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