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1. | Jun 28, 2014
Hi, FredThe words acclaimed ferrtnunnor' and Chris Christie' together make an oxymoron. His speech was lack-luster and the only thing he could come up with is that he would only run for the first term. He couldn't get out of there fast enough. Something about a basketball game. (The parents in our family usually team on this one)Rick Merkt is ok if you like a mixed Republican candidate. Current legislator=part of the problem in Trenton.Levine may need a little more time in public speaking he had trouble with the word success it came out as sex and got a great laugh. He had some ideas on the budget but only counted his being a CPA as the way to bring NJ out of its fiscal mess.The only real clear candidate is Steve Lonegan. Steve arrived early to meet and greet. Best presentation without notes, fully covering where NJ is, the issues du jour, and a full-throttle approach to the future of New Jersey and the taxpayers who fund it. Steve showed that he is ready to hit the ground running. His commitment [and successful campaigns against pork-laden bills on the last state ballot] for the taxpayers of NJ these past few years show that he knows exactly what we need.
2. | Apr 11, 2012
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3. | Apr 9, 2012
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4. | Apr 8, 2012
What reminds me of Camp T? Wow, there are tons of thgins that remind me of Camp. The smell of campfires is definitely at the top of the list. M'nMs. Saying the Praise God from whom all blessings flow grace. When I hear anything about Tippacanoe.Capture the Flag games. Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes (Related to a 4th of July skid where the army wound up wearing sunglasses) Teaching my kids about God is first, the other man second and I am Third . Occasionally wondering what the recipe for Orange Cake was from the Campfire Cooking Clinic. Now I think I am going to make Hobo Dinners this weekend for my family. mmmmmmmmKatie Foley
5. | Mar 8, 2012
XG7ulY Im obliged for the post. Awesome.