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- Description: SavvyJet is a privately owned company based in Florida. Essentially we are a private aircraft charter company that offers the largest network of aircraft in the world. This network of over 18,000 aircraft is what allows us to be able to offer th
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1. | Jun 14, 2014
Just discovered you guys thurogh You are freaking amazing. I didn't know you were hosting at Bandcamp, and now I feel guilty to have gotten your music for free. I'm looking for your other releases to purchase. I do ambient mixes ( and I used of your songs for a mix that I'll be posting in about 3 weeks or so.
2. | Jul 29, 2013
This is for you, My Best Friend. The only one person who i can tell my soul to,The one who can rlteae me like no other person could,The person who i can share my laughter with, sharing my tears with,Who can solve the problem when i am in need of help?Never Having Ur Back turned on me when I’m all alone,Or telling me that i wasn’t good enough for any…
3. | Jul 28, 2013
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