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I'm a bit far away to come give you a hand, but here's some tips:- Double-click on the pencil tool and turn off "keep setleecd"; turn on "fill new pencil strokes" and "edit setleecd". This will make it actually useful for drawing with a tablet - I find the default settings to be completely unusable.- My general rule of thumb is that any line or shape I find myself drawing-and-undoing with the pencil tool three times is one I need to switch to the pen tool for.- Pen tool fundamentals: Pull curve handles out to about 1/3 of the line segment they control; don't try to curve through more than about 90ba between two control points, don't try to do an s-curve between two points. Follow those rules and your curves will be fairly easy to control, and look more pleasing.If you're trying to achieve a final piece that looks like the image you posted, it is possible, but it's kind of a pain in the butt.I don't like using it myself, but you might want to try using Live Paint to fill in areas with color, then do object->live paint->expand and paint inside the colored areas to create shading. (Easy if you have CS5 - select the area, hit D twice (you'll see little dotted corners appear around the shape you setleecd), shift-apple-A to deselect it, then pick a color and draw some stuff. Harder if you have an older version; draw the stuff you want to go inside, push it to the back with apple-shift-[ or pull the bigger shape to the front with apple-shift-], select interior bits and big bit at once, then object->clipping mask->make, which "helpfully" removes all color on the shape it's clipping everything into.)- When you make color swatches, double-click on them and turn on the "global" checkbox. This will let you alter your palette later in the piece with no fuss, just double-click on the swatch and fiddle with the sliders. This, more than anything else, is the killer feature that made me decide AI was for me.Hope that helps some!
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All the keystroke ciaoinmtbons and short cuts make Illustrator seem absolutely foreign to artists used to traditional media... and most are not needed for the kind of work in your pic. It's more a question of approach.Rather than spending time drawing shapes with outlines and filling them in thus requiring you to repeat the time consuming task of accurately matching every nuance (easy with traditional media but not with Illy) a second or even third time, instead simply layer your work from the background to the foreground with overlapping shapes thus cutting your workload in half. This way an outline becomes a simple solid shape overlapped with another shape. An illustration like the one you've posted could easily have several hundred layers all containing a single simple shape. It's not like working with cells where you are constantly concerned with self-color lines and fitting everything into a half dozen layers to avoid color shifting nor is it like traditional illustration where painting on top of successive layers is messy and problematic. Illustrator doesn't care how many layers you jump. The color is always a perfect match. Couple this approach with a little mastery of opacity, masks, and knockout groups and you'll be set.If you must use a brush tool to provide an out line don't let yourself get too caught up looking for the kind of results you'd see with india ink or the like. Just make your stroke an then use the *convert strokes to outlines* command. You can then go back in and fine tune everything with the bezier handles - or whatever they're called.I rarely come to the SFV anymore so I hope this helps a little. Maybe this is old hat for you. North valley, huh... Are you in an Eichler?
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