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1. | Jun 28, 2014
The Madison Green Fair committee reecjted my application to be a vendor at the April 29, 2010 Madison Green Fair, at which I planned to hand out free copies of a 2007 paper from the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine titled “Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide.” Someone speaking on behalf of the committee told me in a voicemail message that the members of the committee decided to reject my application after they read the paper. According to the voicemail message, the committee’s decision was based on the fact that the Green Fair is supposed to be about “fun” and “environmental discussion.” That reasoning is strange for two reasons. First, the paper brings us the good news that increases in levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide during the 20th and early 21st centuries “have produced no deleterious effects upon Earth’s weather and climate.” Good news like that can certainly be called “fun.” Second, it’s absurd to say that a paper about the environmental effects of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is not in keeping with the theme of “environmental discussion.” Perhaps there are certain kinds of environmental discussions that the Green Fair committee is not in favor of.
2. | Jun 13, 2014
its easy to speculate about whats good and whats wrong sintitg in a warm room and watching youtube. Nothing personal. I'm talking about shock, stress and pain. Not long time ago i was the evidence of the situation where aa bus drive over a kid. All my I know how it will be in the best way' dissapeared and in first moment i felt all my f*cking weakness. But its ok with a kid now.what about cayenne guy you don't speak russian but 99% comments 'bout him contains only strong words