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1. | Jun 19, 2014
eqsEjA Great, thanks for sharing this blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.
2. | Dec 6, 2013
Uhhh actually yes i have it was quite puifnal. I just got home from a two week vacation with my friend. It was a Saturday (my anime night) and i was running from the den to my room to watch Naruto. Well my brother dropped an ice cube and i slipped on it, i fell and my wrist crashed down onto the breakfast nook bench. The pain is not what made me cry, i cried because i heard my wrist crack. I told my mom i wanted to watch Naruto so we decided the hospital would wait till the next day. We went to the hospital and i got a splint cuz the casting department was closed (for some stupid reason) we went back on Monday and we went to the cafeteria to eat before my appointment cuz we were starving. Well i picked up a tray and i heard and felt my thumb (on the broken hand) Snap. So they re x-rayed it and they put me in a cast with a thumb spike. Long story short i am never running to get to my room just to watch a show again.
3. | Dec 5, 2013
Any of the cardio einmpqeut you listed can be used for cardio improvement and weight loss. If you're working at a comparable intensities (heart rates) you can get good results from any of them.The key is picking one that you would enjoy the most, or at least hate the least. Many people get einmpqeut, hate using it, and quit.Stationary bikes are usually the cheapest and take up the least amount of space. But pick the one that you would like the most and can afford. If you use any of them consistently you can get the results you want.
4. | Sep 2, 2013
I used to run the T/A KO's on my '98 Wrangler Sport, they are a nice tire but mine wore out really fast. When they were bald I put on a lift, new wheles and 33 10.5 BF Goodrich mud terrain KM2 tires. They are a nice looking mud tire that still runs very quiet on paved roads, I didn't notice any difference in tire noise between the T/A KO's and the KM2 s. They have them in a ton of sizes so I'm sure you could find them in the size you need. The best part is that so far I've put 20,000 miles on my KM2 s and the tread has gone from 19/32 to about 7/16 with mostly highway driving and rotations every 3,000 miles including the spare, so it looks like they will have a pretty respectable tread life.
5. | Sep 1, 2013
Have you thought about going to a car tire? I run a 709 on the front of mine and Kumho 195/55/16RF on the rear. Over 17K miles on the rear and it still has over half the tread. Traction is unaropcmable to a M/T especially in the wet stuff and I have more tire on the ground in a peg scraping´╗┐ turn than a M/T does in a straight line. I have been at 135+ (indicated on the speedo) and it is like my bike is on a rail. Something to consider come to the Dark Side search for psslonaker enjoy.
6. | Jul 26, 2013
Ah no. They're not. Except. . .There is a rare possibility of lotacing some of the bolt-on attachments for use with a cyclocross bike and installing mountain bike brakes. Why is it rare? The bolt-on adapters for replacing the road brakes with mountain brakes. . .are no longer made. However, 700c wheels will fit just fine with no such complications. The old bike might need a bit of a stretch between the rear drops. Make sure is is as even as possible (see or have the bike shop do it.
7. | Jul 24, 2013
1st, remove the whlees and clean them thoroughly.2nd: Make sure you tape the braking surfaces on the sidewalls of the rims with masking tape. (This is for your safety!) You should also make sure you will not be painting the cogs (gears) in the rear wheel.3rd: Use a can of Tremclad (or other tough external-use) spraypaint and remember to use some patience: Two or three very this coats (let dry between) are preferableto one heavy coat! Go crazy ith the color!
8. | Jul 23, 2013
A 700C tire does not refer to centimeters or cifmecrurence or any other C-word. It means it is the third version of a nominally-700mm diameter wheel. Version A is obsolete, but versions B through D are still in use.A 700C rim has a diameter of roughly 24 inches, so either you measured wrong or you have a 559mm (mountain bike 26 ) or 650C (571mm) rim. The 650C is used on TT bikes and smaller frames, and is the most likely 26 size to be used on a road bike. Sometimes you can make the wrong size tube work, as long as it doesn't have to stretch too far. Make sure you get the correct valve stem for the way your rim is drilled.The other numbers: 19/23 or whatever, are the range of tire widths that the tube will work for. A tube will only stretch so far, so tubes usually come in at least two widths per wheel size.
9. | Jul 18, 2013
I know, it's one of life's big problems. Then you've got the nitmghare of tyre matching on top of all that. Bigger/heavier tread on the rear? I've got a pair of wheels on a touring and shopping bike with 36 spokes and a 32mm tyre on a wide rim on the rear, and a narrower rim on 32 spokes on the front with a 28mm tyre. Even the spokes are thicker on the rear. The hubs are the same, and both rims are mavic as near as I could get them. I count it as a pair. I made them like this because I only use rear panniers on this bike, and sometimes need to put a lot of weight in there, plus most of my 13 stone. No spoke breakages so far (about 15 years and counting).
10. | Jun 5, 2013
DwMhZF ahnfxucimelt
11. | Jun 5, 2013
I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it undrestadnable.
12. | May 25, 2013
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13. | May 19, 2013
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14. | Sep 21, 2012
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15. | Sep 20, 2012
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16. | Aug 31, 2012
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17. | Mar 7, 2012
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