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User Comments:
1. | Dec 16, 2013
Thanks for posting that info from the Dictionary. Unless Christie took the keys to all the snow plows and sand sardpeers with him, going on vacation wasn't negligent. It really falls into the category of Not too smart politically. On the other hand, telling the wife and kids that they're going to miss out on their Disney vacation so dad can stick around and watch the snow fall would be familial suicide.
2. | Dec 14, 2013
Try coming up with a real issue bfoere you pretend that one (1) blogger is 1.) a BIG DEAL; and 2.) and I quote RCP . . . posting links one story equals links.The way you breathless posted your comment, I had assumed that the front page was flooded with links to stories about Christie's malfeasance. I had to do a search of the site to even find this one puny blog entry. It definitely ranks up there with Bush & Katrina! Thanks for alerting us to the news. If you want to see what a real pummeling looks like, just Google Bloomberg and Snow Storm. P.S. For the truly clueless, consult your dictionary entry for HYPERBOLE.
3. | Dec 13, 2013
Eti ministri eshe duosrayitgya, odin iz zakonov imi prinimaemix podnimet musulman po nastoyashemu. Kafiram sleduet znat, chto mi lyubim smert bolshe chem oni svoyu jalkuyu jizn