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1. | Jun 28, 2014
21 classes shuold be used as a classroom blog which the teachers can use it to enhance the learning experience of the students. She can post an orientation question like What is depression? Students will be much excited about the question and will try to response immediately. They might try to do better than their peers and the teacher can have lots of response and could know how much the students know about the topic and also can find any misconceptions which any student might have. The teacher will have the students' prior knowledge about the topic which he or she will be teaching soon. Teachers can also use this application as a platform for student debates. Any student who was shy or felt uncomfortable to argue in the class or in public can be more likely to participate in the debates as he or she is more independent to write and post his standing from anywhere from outside the classroom. Student will be very excited to participate in classroom discussion and more ready to be critical of other student's position and it is a great learning experience for them and for the teachers as well.