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1. | Jul 7, 2019
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More than 20,000 Americans are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year. When it's caught early, women have a five-year survival rate of 90 percent. But because of its generic symptoms — weight gain, bloating or constipation — the disease is more often caught late.
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Comparing them is difficult, but know that Furyk shot 59 on a day when the next-best score was 65 and the scoring average during the second round of the BMW Championship was 71. The weather was chilly, the wind was blowing and yet Furyk hit all 14 fairways, 17 of 18 greens and took 23 putts.
4. | Jun 29, 2019
Get a job flashing boobs @Leonardo – I can understand your sentiment and agree with your evaluation of the overall big picture, however, lay-offs will not get to 0 because companies contract and expand, just a fact of life. The problem is that while there are declining lay-offs, there is also little or no hiring and much of the hiring being done is part-time and low wage positions, resulting in lower spending power, lower taxbase, lower std of living, etc. We could handle 300,000 lay-offs, what we can’t endure is the current WH occupant and leftist agenda expending all their effort on building a gov’t dependent citizenry instead of promoting job growth and economic expansion. As long as Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and some of the other ancient and bitter Dems are in power, there will be no recovery.
5. | Jun 29, 2018
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best place to order provigil The point is exclusively to alter incentives — to reduce the disincentive for work (the Social Security tax) and to increase the disincentive to consume gasoline.
11. | Jan 7, 2018
12. | Aug 11, 2013
The Supreme Court has traditionally ieretpretnd the Commerce Clause very liberally. Congress can legislate something which affects interstate commerce, even if it is not interstate commerce in itself: the Court upheld a farmer being prosecuted for growing wheat on his own farm for his own consumption, in violation of federal wheat quotas. While you may consider the healthcare law against the spirit of the Constitution, legal precedent is not on your side.As far as the Amish go, they would likely be exempted from the provision. The Amish are also exempt from Social Security tax, for example, because they do not use Social Security as part of their religious beliefs. Was this answer helpful?
13. | Aug 9, 2013
I guess if it is not prohibited in the Constitution it could be alewold. The constitution is a flexible thing, anyway. It is subject to changes, and it should be apparent that after more than 200 years, additions or modifications should be considered when needed. The world changes, and we must adapt and change with it in my opinion. Should we say that people with no health insurance will get no care unless they are wealthy? I guess that would be fair to the rest of us who are tired of carrying those who don't. Was this answer helpful?
14. | Aug 1, 2013
Wow horbrile.. horbrile answers so far.. especially that first one.. gap insurance has nothing to do with this..Honestly.. no one here will be able to answer your question. Generally and i stress GENERALLY your coverage for your old car will transfer to your new car for the first 30 days.. aka.. if you had collision with a 500 dollar deductible on your old car.. it will transfer for 30 days . but this is the bigger companies.. it really depends.Honestly.. id just stay off the road until monday you dont know how many people on here write questions about how their insurance denied their claim on there new car next time.. id consider a bigger company that has 24/7 service.
15. | Jul 30, 2013
One of the best options to cindoser are health savings accounts. They combine a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) with a cash savings account which is investible in almost any kind of investment.You use the cash (which is put in, builds and spent tax free so long as it is on medical expenses) to pay off your medical expenses until you hit the deductible and then the health plan pays, except that routine care like doctor visits, etc. are covered first dollar by the health plan.As a small business there are tax advantages to the business for doing this and as an employee you get tax advantages and the ability to use the cash for whatever you want (up to 65 as long as you pay the tax when you take it out .after 65 it is like an IRA where you pay your post retirement tax bracket rate on withdrawls).You have to be diligent about funding the cash portion, but treat that part like an IRA account that you plan to build up and use for retirement.
16. | May 19, 2013
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17. | May 18, 2013
Rodney is afraid of his own party As was ptnoied out by Rep. Lance in a recent Star Ledger Article he [Lance] was told they (The R's) would find someone to run against him in next years primary. And I would bet Rodney has been told the same thing toe the line and speak only the talking points. Too bad. Rodney and the rest of the R's are quoting statistics provided by Heritage Foundation (very Right Wing Conservative and another is a subsidiary of United Health, no bias there)We need a public option and we should be looking at the approach used by Germany, or France, or the Swiss. No one in those countries go without heath coverage, no one dies because of a lack of insurance (45,000 in U.S. every year according to Harvard Study and Journal of Medicine, no one files for bankruptcy because of medical costs (700,000 plus in this Country every year).The free market [the question here is what free market when it comes to the health insurance market ; Adam Smith is laughing at us from the grave) has done damage to the country. The R's should be worried as the cost of insurance pushes jobs over seas or if the company can't move operations over seas then they just reduce or in many cases just drops the health insurance coverage. Then again as long as their (The R's) major contributors and the Chamber of Commerce is happy they don't really care. For 60-years , since Truman ,. who had started to push for universal health in 1947/48, the R's and the insurance industry have blocked any attempt to level the playing field. And today they the insurance companies are fat , dumb and happy with their ever expanding profits. Now if they could only figure out how to cut back on Medicare or even eliminate it they could die happy.The question is what type of country or society do we want to live in? The other major industrial counties in the world made that moral decision years ago now can we make the same moral decision and then move forward with a fair and equitable plan that protect not only those who can afford to pay but also the weakest and poorest in our society. I wonder if Rodney has the stomach or the courage to do just that and not worry about the next election or what his party thinks.
18. | Mar 9, 2012
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