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User Comments:
1. | May 3, 2013
Guys, if you own a Guys, if you own a 7D then you may want a 30MM from Sigma it's only $479 and it's fast and is really a 48mm cause you are inttupg it on a 7D. 50mm may be too much if you already have a zoom lens.I own a Canon 7D which I use mainly for video and was looking to invest in a great normal' lens.
2. | Mar 1, 2013
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3. | Feb 26, 2013
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4. | Feb 25, 2013
The creator or group is Karaoke #1 Hit Makers. I need to cocantt them in order to see if I can use their music freely for something. I made a parody, so the lyrics are all mine, but the background music was made by them. Does anyone know a way to cocantt them or to cocantt artists in general?I need to know if their music is in public domain or not. I have edited the music in audacity, but I still need to check in order to use it.
5. | Oct 29, 2012
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6. | Oct 28, 2012
No complaints on this end, spilmy a good piece.
7. | Apr 19, 2012
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