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User Comments:
1. | Jun 13, 2014
Yup, that sholud defo do the trick!
2. | Nov 15, 2013
If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I'd say "Kouabwnga, dude!"
3. | Nov 11, 2013
Well, if you've had a tragic life, you can prbbloay write something that's depressing which may interest a few. But if you've had a happy life, you can write things that are fun and inspiring like you are doing now. So, ignoring NPR was the right decision!
4. | Nov 4, 2013
Such a deep anrwse! GD&RVVF
5. | Oct 19, 2013
Hmmm .sometimes destiny is connincivgly trippy. I was looking for yet another reason to help build up my writing confidence and I came up with this .because I had such a strange and unusual life. Strangely antithetical, right? I am excited to follow you and see where our differences lie. I do hope you keep on writing it's inspiringly lovely
6. | Oct 16, 2013
Congrats on so many wonderful thngis happening in your life! I appreciate your visit to my blog and the follow. I really enjoy watching others work on their home, as it's a constant with us and quite frankly it can be a lonely process so woo hoo for us getting together to support the ups and downs. I'll happily follow along and look forward to seeing more.(p.s. I'm a blog blabber . so I hope you're up for that! HA HA!)
7. | Sep 26, 2013
A very good analysis of the ctnoinuaoitn of military rule in Burma, and the turn from militarisation of the Burmese state and government to a civilisanation mode is a possibility, THe Burmese people after decades of military rulersship and domination demand equality and justice that will be determined by their own creativity, sincerety and political action. Burma is still in the making. The people s will and political consciousnous of Burma can never be traded and sold to the extant capitalist military status class in Burma and the neo-liberal world order fashioned and scripted by the supra nations hegemony.
8. | Sep 24, 2013
I agreed with and was glad to see Harvey not srtnaitg in the UConn game. His mood swings just isnt good enough. I think Lawrence and Theodore sharing the point guard position is just going to get better and better.The other position needing the change now is in the Center position. The UConn game shows proof again that Jon Garcia just isnt quick enough and doesnt have the Center moves to compete against the Centers in the Big East.Farrakon Hall is getting better and better and I think he should be sharing that position with Pope with Jeff Robinson coming to share the Power Forward Position with Pope. Then have Garcia come off the bench to deal with the oppositions bench Centers later in the game.He is just not Big East Good enough and is hurting the team. A couple of times you can see Garcia back away from positions underneath the basket where he could have made the easier rebound or block outs.