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1. | Jun 26, 2014
Hi, do you know how I can turn talking from a Tivo rcinrdeog, into computerized text? There was a piece of equipment that did that, but the GP500 TextGrabber is no longer made and extremely rare to find used. The GP500TextGrabber was designed to access the closed captioned information contained within a television signal, convert it to text or straight ascii, and then transfer it to a PC over a standard serial or RS-232 line. As a result, you (could) generate a word-for-word transcript from a television program. TextGrabber even capture(d) text off a standard VCR, DSS or DVD! Do you know another way to do this?
2. | Feb 12, 2012
XFCIad Hello! Read the pages not for the first day. Yes, the connection speed is not good. How can I subscribe? I would like to read you in the future!....