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1. | Dec 21, 2013
#156 HI GABRIELLE IN TX So we will go with Yun Zi Gao for the time being until he creates his own house???? I agree that Bai is beatuiful, sexie, sharp, and driven. She steers her own car, occupied by only those SHE wants. Her children are her pride and joy but not her only reason for living. You may be mistaken in Gao -I think he is simply a ladies man .and we are responding to him. Take a look at some of the links I sent of the photos .Yes Mei Sheng will be a leader too, but I do not know him well enough to make any predictions about what he will do and whom with. Perhaps some of you can fill in the blanks???? ZZ is a Goofball and I bet the one in charge of entertainment but from what I have heard Su was like that when younger too ..perhaps she will be the new mother of the year when her mama retires???? It takes a sence of humor to raise five I would think, (maybe 6???).That is about as fertile as I am willing to try to get my brain today so now you have to come up with the story ..Love GrammmieAs each generation moves ahead in our constantly speeding up world we look back with fond memories of kinder gentler times -but are in awe of the changes to our advantage too. I can only imagine how parents feel leaving their children with a sitter knowing that if there is an emergency they can be reached quickly -but how many use those cell phones without manners?? I guess all progress had the potential to cut both ways When picturing that car with the grey heads in it even at 64 paint mine mousey brown .I cannot even get a grey streak at 40 my mom had the Betty Crocker wings (refer to older Betty C pictures) and looked so nice fully greyed and white haired that I had hopes .for early change grey since mine is too fragile to dye, and I shared my mother coloring.
2. | Dec 20, 2013
noobcook, oh yes, this is indeed good for the thaort :)Wendy, I usually cook Luo Han Guo without the shell, somehow always feel that the shell is not very clean despite washing it :PEdith, my kids love soup and I've been boiling soup very often lately. You are right, soup is good for both body and soul.
3. | Dec 18, 2013
Pecefrt shot! Thanks for your post!
4. | Aug 1, 2013
She's not a model is she? Appears nowhere on gologe other than washing his ass etc. during one of these romantic holidays. She's very eager to please him by the looks of those pics.
5. | Jul 30, 2013
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