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1. | Jun 18, 2014
Hey Louise,This is a great picture of Ben, but what I love must is the fact that he didn't slow down for the shot!!! Although I know that Ben won't hurt annyoe, no matter how fast he goes, I hope every adult gets the heck out of his way, as he is being to believe!!!I also wanted to run some thoughts or ideas past you. For instance, with regards to your blog, entitled, "Small world!", I still love and think of it as a stroke of genius, and do not wish for it to lost or forgotten in the shuffle. Therefore, the next time this website is updated, could there possibly be an area where people are free to leave their names and the cities in which they live -- something similar to "Your Lettes", which is one of the categories above. Afterwards, once you have compiled enough entries, you may use your beloved out of box thinking and artistic talents to create something utterly spectacular -- I would also love to do what I can to help.Futhermore, despite being a one trick pony, as my only talent is writing, I love the principle and concept behind filmpossible. Although I belive this to be a pilot project, I hope that this is the the first of many wonderful years for this contest. For, we all know that filmpossible is far more precious than any monetary prize.Please, may we never stop turning disability into possibility.Yours truly,Matt Kamaratakis
2. | Jan 7, 2014
The eyes are AMAZING! I always cilampon that my kids eye's never look great because they are brown but now I know I just am not shooting and editing right!
3. | Jan 5, 2014
I always enjoy Seth's inhstigs as a breath of fresh air especially with CBS embracing people like Billy Packer, whose over-stated commentary got old quickly then his replacement Clark Kellogg's his faux-Clyde routine One of the things Seth conveniently forgets is that some of the cupcake games are regionally politically correct I think that UCONN being on the bubble might be more of a reality with Coach Calhoun's medical leave of absence Coach Blainey was a genius hire but he's not Coach Calhoun I am hoping the American Sports Vatican (aka Notre Dame) falls off that bubble they need to establish a reputation of athletic excellence, not just a memory of the Digger Days !!!Glad to see someone speaking nationally about Da Hall and I agree with his evalaution !!!Lastly, I certainly hope Duke's Singler stays for his senior year it will help the team and recognize that he's not an NBA calibre player now and might never be
4. | Jun 19, 2013
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5. | Jun 17, 2013
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6. | Jun 17, 2013
Shiver me timbers, them's some great informaotin.
7. | Jun 17, 2013
reach, have a look from this historical Brahmpol birdge and feel this scenically (smelling) beauty.Jalkumbhi are enemies of water, and water is source of our life, more because not only life but economy of
8. | Jun 15, 2013
THANK God, I hated that lol. But I love you so I come back and try over and over and may say a few bad words in the meantime ... lol
9. | Jun 15, 2013
there are others but I woduln't personally recommend them to you if I haven't tried it out myself in case of security and privacy issues, I will try´╗┐ to check others though and will post them in the description.
10. | May 21, 2013
The honesty of your postnig shines through
11. | May 11, 2013
dYVpKC gxfexflynwur
12. | May 7, 2013
Doesn't Google have different cahpacs to choose from? Or other methods, like "click the highest number" or "what's 1+1?" questions? It seems weird that their only capcha option is one that's illegible.