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User Comments:
1. | Aug 28, 2013
Maybe, I didn't understand well eugnoh this translation. Sometimes, it was very difficult to catch text, but I know that American and English people can't translate well eugnoh Russian poetry. It is necessary for good translation to know both languages very, very well.
2. | Aug 24, 2013
12 & 13. Amazing. If you painted a Carolina Wren, I would lose my mind. There is one with a nest and bbaies on my porch, in a flower pot that's shaped like an elephant. She's dying to have a picture of herself to look at :)
3. | Aug 23, 2013
gosh, really don't even know where to begin to chsooe! they're all beautiful! i'm sorry i didn't pay attention before; i didn't realize these were for your home! you're so lucky to have your talent :) i'm glad that they'll be available as prints though! can't wait!