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User Comments:
1. | Jul 22, 2014
These are great tips for everybody, from beinegr to seasoned, know what is going on. A true professional will be thinking this way and will always have great nights no matter what. I have had the pleasure of rocking with C-Sik, Fatrok/Fitrock and many others in the city and there was never anything to be worried about, we always talked it out and got the job done. As someone who has loved djing from a very young age and has been able to grow with it, it is nice to see tips like this out there as we know that sharing a stage is a regular thing being that the Dj community has grown as well. Great artical C!Statik
2. | Jun 29, 2014
AMEN RICK!! Knowing these few vital steps or what we called them back East BOOTH RULES can be the derfefince of a Rocking' Night and a Nightmare! I think it is important if possible to practice before hand with a certain Dj you might be playing with or at least check them out at a different party they might be spinning, especially if you are a new Dj this will allow you to know the style your fellow Dj partner plays, Knowing another Dj's style will better prepare you for the night ahead!And most important as Rick mentioned always bring your own records, needles, mats etc! Some Dj's beat on there gear, some take pride and care deeply for there gear -If you take care or your gear and use your own gear you don't have to worry about your partners needles failing during your set or sharing ..headphone sweat .Dj-Trixx =)
3. | Jul 7, 2013
Folks who say that sound, well, old.Every new media - vinyl, television, catsstee, CD, DVD, etc. - is denounced when it arrives and, perhaps moreso, when it threatens existing power structures.Life is about change and embracing "mixing" in new and different approaches opens up musical words that simply mixing vinyl would not offer.Props and respect to hardcore vinyl DJs but the future always belongs to those willing to embrace innovation.
4. | Jul 5, 2013
Pioneer are making it worse!Today its eaesir to learn to DJ then ever As?? the equipment today is tailor made for almost any tom dick harry as its Familiar to operating to a tape to learn DJing.There is nothing wrong with using CDJ's but GREAT DJs who now use CDJ's had to learn to DJing using Vinyl!) It was difficult to learn those days As Vinyl wasn't Familiar to playing tape.With contacts, whether Your Good or Shit.You will spin at club then a Great DJ who wants to deserves to get paid.
5. | May 2, 2013
Back in scoohl, I'm doing so much learning.