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User Comments:
1. | Dec 19, 2013
That's an expert answer to an intteesring question
2. | Jul 30, 2013
Восстановить систему можно:1. С помощь точки восстановления выбрав Пуск-Выполнить набрать msconfig или C:WINDOWSsystem32Restorerstrui.exe , если Меню Пуск нет, то через CTRL+ALT+DEL Приложение-Новая задача .2. Провести восстановление файлов Windows выбрав Пуск-Выполнить набрать sfc /scannow , или если Меню Пуск нет, то через CTRL+ALT+DEL Приложение-Новая задача , набрав sfc /scannow .3. Если вышла из строя загрузочная запись, необходимо выбрать Пуск-Выполнить , набрать sfc /scanboot , или если Меню Пуск нет, то через CTRL+ALT+DEL Приложение-Новая задача , набрав sfc /scanboot .4. Загрузить Windows в Защищенном Режиме, удерживая F5 и выполнить несколько из верхних пунктов.
3. | Jun 17, 2013
Concerning installation of AHCI for Windows 7, there is a prlbeom, as Vista drivers may not work on Windows 7 installations, and also, some manufacturers don't have 64 bit AHCI drivers.In my case, I had already wiped my hard drive, and was trying a clean install of 32 bit Windows 7, but the install program would not allow me to proceed the message was that my main hard drive had to be a system disk. Unfortunately, no configuration of the hard drive, even converting to a basic disk would provoke Windows 7 into installing. For Windows 7 to install, the requirements are that the motherboard BIOS be set for AHCI mode (as opposed to IDE mode), plus AHCI drivers for the specific operating system have to be available during install on something other than a hard drive (ie on a USB drive) because once you have set AHCI up in your BIOS, your computer won't recognize data on your hard drive until Windows Install is functioning.So, the bulletproof solution for me was to do a clean install of 32 bit Vista to my wiped hard drive, with my BIOS set to AHCI, and with AHCI Vista drivers on hand. Once Vista started running, I immediately upgraded to Windows 7 32 bit, using Windows 7 AHCI drivers on a USB drive. Everything worked perfectly, as the Install program handled all the registry issues for me. Bottom line is that installing AHCI is a requirement for Windows 7, but seemingly impossible without starting off with a Vista install first.
4. | Apr 27, 2013
i think it's better for you to buy an inrental hardisk for your laptop coz sometimes the usb connections of your portable hardrive will wear down in time thus it sometimes might not connect to your laptop.In installling your portable hardisk, it's just plug and play. Just plug it ijn and you're alll set.