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1. | Dec 5, 2013
by shopping there.a0 She also has some great tips for snirotg your bulk purchases.Alyssa shares some ways to get coupons for healthy food yes, there are coupons for organics and healthy foods!Aimee has a bunch of great recipes
2. | Dec 3, 2013
Thanks so much, Lisa, for the wisdom of your exepcienre. This is what MOC is about supporting moms by sharing knowledge. As the mother of a 15-year-old daughter, I know the problems have shifted but the themes haven't!kudos to you,Mama Rachel
3. | Dec 3, 2013
Most shoppers LOVE their boxed and fozren fare. I am a bit of an anomaly. There is no soda or Velveeta in my cart! I purposely shop the perimeter of the store for meats, dairy and produce with a few conveniences (bread, cereal) thrown in. This forces me to cook from scratch and menu plan whether I feel like it or not. You can even find coupons for healthier options.