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- Description: Go Heritage India Journeys is a blooming travel agency that takes you through an incredible journey in India through its exquisitely designed tours and exemplary travel services. We ensure that the exotic luxury tours in India designed by us pro
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1. | Jul 1, 2013
Hi Neil and LindaWell what a good idea a little light haeetrd relief from all the internet noise and big new product launches!well done!I guess I'll have to agree because when I heard it, I had to laugh because it is so Michael Cheney .close your eyes and imagine a scotsman with a rather weird sense of humour .$37 a week ( now no Scotsman likes to spend money do they?especially $37 a week!take careregardsGraham in the U.K.
2. | Jun 30, 2013
Dear Anup, Just stumbled into your irtnomafive blog. Thanks for your interesting and helpful posts. Now I have three questions for you. 1) Is paypal India and Paypal international the same. I mean being an Indian do I have to open account with Paypal India since I also reside in India? Or Can I choose between the two? 2) I have an unverified account with Paypal which now I want to verify with an Indian bank account. The problem is with my name. My name contains three words, say eg Mohammed Ismail Ali. After I have opened the paypal account, it shows Mohammed Ali, omitting the middle name. This however is different from my name which I put in my bank account because it contains the full name. Do you think because of this I might have any problem verifying my account? Do I need to contact Paypal for this and ask for their advice? 3) How do I put my account number in the Paypal account? Some say that you have to put country code and then branch code before your account no which is printed in the passbook? Please help. kajol shafiq
3. | Jun 8, 2013
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4. | Jun 8, 2013
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5. | Jun 8, 2013
You're a real deep thinker. Thanks for shainrg.