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This was nice. Its very good and heartening to see young folks and celloge going youth assume moral and social responsibility for the specially abled. I really encourage this. The important thing here to note is that such matters need to be highlighted in proper media to create the right pitch such that these youngsters works get highlighted and spoken about. Let me know if I can do anything for this and would be more than glad to associate with Srinija and Shravya on this benevolent service initiative.Regards,Santhu !!(Santosh Ramakrishnan)VA:F [1.9.17_1161]please wait...VA:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)
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12. | Aug 2, 2013
You're a real deep thnkeir. Thanks for sharing.
13. | Jul 30, 2013
Review by Speargun for Rating: I read the two previous reivwes and bought the DVD set. Boy where they wrong. While there are some good tips on the dvd's, there is nowhere near $80 worth. The first section starts with some basic pointers. Take lots of pictures and keep your project organized. One guy walks around the car for 10 minutes snapping pictures with a 35mm camera with a strobe. Only once did he remember to wind the camera before pushing the button which tells me that he hasn't taken all that many pictures like he is advising. He snaps 50 - 60 pics yet he never has to change the roll of film.The other guy picks up an old camcorder and acts like he is filming the car. After several boring minutes of watching him film, he sets the camcorder down. The lens cap was on the entire time! The entire series is just one long, drawn out, section after another. It looks like they filmed each section in one take and did no editing. The entire "8 hour" series could have been compressed into a single 30 minute to 1 hour show and still gave you the same amount of information. I watched about 90% of the dvd's on 8x fast forward because you can only watch someone cut sheet metal or hammer on something for just so long. Whoever filmed this must have felt that "more is better" because it doesn't look like they cut anything out. There is definately a sense of "quantity over quality" throughout the series.If you are an absolute beginner, you might get a little more out of this series, but if you don't know how to do some of the basic things that these guys describe in great detail, you really shouldn't be doing an in depth body project until you get the basics of how to use the tools you will need. I got a lot more out of the book "Pro Paint Body", by Jim Richardson with Tom Horvath, after just a quick scan through it, than I did with this dvd set. The best part was that the book only cost $12.89.I was expecting a series with a lot more substance like how to replace sheet metal and the different methods or how to prep a body for paint, etc...There was very little in this set that I hadn't already picked up from just watching tv.This video needs to be edited to about 1 hour and should be sold for no more than $10.
14. | Jul 10, 2013
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15. | Jul 9, 2013
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16. | Jul 5, 2013
With the bases loaded you struck us out with that anesrw!