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User Comments:
1. | Jan 20, 2014
I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so entglalrinh!
2. | Jan 19, 2014
Hi Sheree - Not only do I remebmer when Eau Gallie Blvd. ended at Croton Road but I remebmer when it was called Montreal Ave. before it was renamed. I know because I used to ride my bicycle to the YMCA across from Eau-Gallie high.Tropical Trail? Oh yes - when Merrit Square was the only mall of any size, a Tropical Trail drive on Friday nights was THE thing to do.Life was good back then: We kids played outside with no worries; we rode our bikes everywhere with not more than a mention to parents than where we were going. We may have locked our doors at night but if we didn't - it was no big deal. It didn't matter much since the windows were wide open to catch any breeze.Today most parents of small children don't dare let them out of their sight, much less hop on a bicycle and ride off to destinations unknown. Today we not only wouldn't leave our doors unlocked but many will worry and wonder if they've armed their security system when they leave.Unfortunately back then is when we should have planned for today but we didn't. Not many would have seen sleepy Eau-Gallie merging with "big sister" Melbourne and from that point - we opened the doors in welcome.I think Sheree revisiting the past gives us (especially those of us who lived here) a good idea of where as small communities we may have gone wrong. Unfortunately "progress" (and I use that word carefully) has found us: Countless thousands of residents, roads clogged, construction on nearly every corner....Perhaps though the remaining small communities can learn from us. We may chuckle at the idea of Fellsmere for example, having 100,000 residents some day but then again 30 years ago most would have laughed at the prospect of Palm Bay having that many people.Ahhhhh.......memory really was pretty darned good back then! Thanks for the time warp Sheree.
3. | May 24, 2013
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4. | May 24, 2013
Staying in Brevard County but up the road apiece from Eau Gallie, we have Dennis Chamberland plainnng to live out his Lloyd Bridges fantasy and set up 200 ft underwater in the Gulf Stream:oday, the Chamberlands live under the sunny, blue skies of west Cocoa. Soon, they hope to gaze up through aqua-gray tints of Atlantica, the world's first permanent undersea colony.They're determined to do so by 2015, somewhere off East Central Florida, maybe even Brevard County. They've signed up 13 others to live with them in cylindrical steel modules, 200 feet down and tapping into the Gulf Stream for energy, oxygen and scientific discovery.The Chamberlands envision quarters safe enough for children. Even their cat, Snickers, will go with them, transported in a submarine-like cylinder with a glass bubble port. The 59-year-old is quick to point out that NASA isn't involved in his project, dubbed the Atlantica Expeditions. But for Chamberland, pioneering the first undersea colony would fulfill a lifelong crusade what he describes as the inborn splinter in his mind.Maybe there's something to this crazy Floridian thing Wagonburner keeps pushing. Ah wait The seeds of Dennis Chamberland's boyhood obsession his splinter germinated about as far as away from the ocean as American child can grow up, on the great plains of Haskell, Okla., a town of 1,800 just south of Tulsa. The local library provided the only outlet for his yearning for ocean adventure.He'd spend countless hours in his tree house, watching morning rays pierce the leaves, relishing the sanctuary and separation from the ground.I wonder if there were unicorns up there? bfQuien es mas Macho? bfLloyd Bridges o Dennis Chamberland?