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User Comments:
1. | Dec 16, 2013
You can run BC2 with a controller but you need other soawtfre. It is possible. Unless you have a physical reason, ie like ken mentioned in his other videos, I would honestly stress you learn the M+kb as you are gonna get stomped on PC
2. | Dec 14, 2013
No. The people that eynjoed BF will stick with BF. If you seriously though Gears was going to have even much as half the success as BF, you were very wrong. BF and MW have a true battle. People won't be so quick to leave BF3 for MW3. Putting it 2 weeks before MW3 is a PHENOMENAL move. Too many people are too inpatient and can't wait two weeks to see if MW3 is as good as BF3 so they just get BF3 instead. BF3 will be great though but this map was a HORRIBLE choice for the BF beta.
3. | Dec 13, 2013
Get Battlefield 3 Because there will be vehicles like huveems,helicopters,tanks,buggy,and they announced that fighter jets and sonic booms will be included. Another reason is no lag. In COD there is the lag feature (hahaha feature). While in battlefield there is little to no lag. Another reason is realistic stuff. You know how many times I try to act like I'm in the military in COD and failed because the dude can't even stand right? In the 12 minute trailer (watched like 6 timed) you can act like your in the military and it feels good! ANOTHER reaso is destructive environment. Do you know how hard it is to explain to someone new to COD how fences and walls are magically undestroyable. In Battlefield 99.9% of everything is destructive. ANOTHER reason is that no stupid overpowered killstreaks,guns and dumbass perks like commando,and ghost. In battlefield it's nothing but sheer firepower. Killstreaks make a player invincible. ANOTHER reason is that MW3 will be like MW2 (experience with COD). That is why Battlefield 3 is and Will be better. Was this answer helpful?