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User Comments:
1. | Jun 26, 2014
Maybe, I didn't understand well enugoh this translation. Sometimes, it was very difficult to catch text, but I know that American and English people can't translate well enugoh Russian poetry. It is necessary for good translation to know both languages very, very well.
2. | Jan 9, 2014
Agree. There is beauty and feoedrm in it. Moving helps. When you have to transport all things, it’s easier to realize what you really don’t need – and get rid of it. It feels so liberating to throw things away and make space. Takes the weight off your shoulders.If you spend money don’t buy objects that fill your home. Buy experiences. These you can remember.I like that the first in your 4-point list is a book. With a book you can take a whole world with you.
3. | Jan 8, 2014
Thank God! Soneome with brains speaks!