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1. | Jun 28, 2014
" Oshoites " ..I could find if osho wanted his folewolr to be known as this name or not,,,but from his words in the book we get hint he had his comune by the name rajnishpuram,,,,,,perhaps,,he wanted his folewolr to surrender his/her ego to him by using osho`s name,,,and live freely beyond the narrow realm of ego .Osho could talk in any dimension,,and had ability to shatter materialist ego of any person,,,however,,he say about enlightened person that when such person meet there is no talk,,,a complete silence is there as there is no selfish ego there,,,,,and they r in state of egolessness ..Hance,,,,real oshoites always try to live beyond ego,,,they can appear externally in any colour,,,,,,osho told,, my sanyasi would not be like the dogmatic ,orthodox one,he would live in world busiest place talk about most talked topic . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he meant,,,,,only conciousness is important,,,,and our ego mind remain indulged in rituals and forget the theme .n thats why sometime real folewolr of osho is misread,,,,,people may see what the external topic a person is topic but can dicipher the real feeling towards the master!