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User Comments:
1. | Aug 6, 2013
Ishanghri пишет:Hari, dear Devotee, I was looking for Madhusudan Maharaj audio or video class in eilgnsh or russian language. I found link on this site to ustream, with 2 classes of Madhusudan Maharaj. But its not working: audio there is no sound, and video sound is too bad to hear anything. Pls inform me kindly if you will have any better source of his classes.your servantIshanghri dd
2. | Aug 4, 2013
please know that i will be keeping you in my thgtohus and prayers. i have not known the same hell that you are enduring, but i have suffered much as well, with pain such as rape, self-harm, suicide, depression and anxiety. i am not going to push God on you, but know that i did find hope and healing. please know that you did not deserve any of what you have known, and that there is light for you in the midst of your intense darkness. please don't hesitate to contact me.