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3. | Dec 12, 2013
Having been a utilizer of an innepeddent EMR system for 20 months I have to say that just about everything discussed above is true. The initial utilization of the EMR was one of the hardest things to which to get accustomed.Especially for the 50 year plus crowd. Hair pulling, nail biting and anxiety were rampant in our office. I was surprised that a computer terminal wasn't used as a weapon of mass destruction. Then, time went on and it became more tolerable (6 months) and now it is pretty much old hat. Yes, I have become an excellent typist which will serve me well if I need to seek an additional job if medicine doesn't work out. My notes are quite lengthy but that is what Mr. Obama obviously wants. More bureaucracy and paperwork to fill the coffers of the computersphere. Medicine cannot however be put into small check boxes and trying to take a history using such a system is absolutely inane. Who cares if the computer cannot calculate my E and M code. I would rather do a thorough job describing my patients' problems then have a robotic sounding diatribe that makes no grammatical or coherent sense. The same is true for the assessment and plan which is the most vital part of the physician note.It has to convey your thoughts and concerns which again cannot fit into a neat check box system. So as we adapt to the culture of EMR,which has some good points too (as I don t want to come off as a naysayer) the system has to allow us to still practice the science of medicine while conveying our thoughts in a meaningful humanistic fashion. Putting the ganlion in my wrist and the carpal tunnel symptoms aside, I have embraced the EMR for better or worse such as to survive in the current atmosphere of change. As long as the system doesn't crash or lose my longwinded notes I will remain a happy camper.
4. | Dec 9, 2013
Hi, FredThe words acclaimed frornnunter' and Chris Christie' together make an oxymoron. His speech was lack-luster and the only thing he could come up with is that he would only run for the first term. He couldn't get out of there fast enough. Something about a basketball game. (The parents in our family usually team on this one)Rick Merkt is ok if you like a mixed Republican candidate. Current legislator=part of the problem in Trenton.Levine may need a little more time in public speaking he had trouble with the word success it came out as sex and got a great laugh. He had some ideas on the budget but only counted his being a CPA as the way to bring NJ out of its fiscal mess.The only real clear candidate is Steve Lonegan. Steve arrived early to meet and greet. Best presentation without notes, fully covering where NJ is, the issues du jour, and a full-throttle approach to the future of New Jersey and the taxpayers who fund it. Steve showed that he is ready to hit the ground running. His commitment [and successful campaigns against pork-laden bills on the last state ballot] for the taxpayers of NJ these past few years show that he knows exactly what we need.