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User Comments:
1. | Jul 22, 2014
Your Food Lady is amazing. Sick and still inntet on making you such a cute, cute, cute Easter outfit! You look great! And you are VERY tall! Daisy, look at his muscules!You have great technique. And you got a full basket! Were your eggs full of nip?
2. | Jun 27, 2014
if you hold precious metal long enugoh the price always comes back up (ignoring the obvious anomaly in Ag)the fundamental psychological and logistical realities of this havent changed in centuries and until someone creates a matter replication device, it likely will continue as such.
3. | Dec 2, 2013
I know what you mean about the cloying taste of milk/cream when I've been away from it for a while! It's like going back to whole milk from sekimmd. This recipe looks so good with shallots and garlic and red pepper. Might be fun to put in a dash of nutmeg instead of the pepper flakes like traditional comfort spinach. I could eat these photos alone.
4. | Dec 1, 2013
Interesnaya novinka pro komp , no mne toze mikhsa udobnee. Daze noutbook tolkko s mishkoi, ne lyublyu palzem po nemu sila privi4ki! Nu i i z opita poslednego puteshestviya udobnee v doroge s IPAD kone4no mesta mnogo ne zanimaet bolshe telefona i men*she noutbooka.