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- Description: Perfect size bag for the . Fits my Grid foam roller, all my bands, straps, wraps, iPod, towel, and belt. Material seems to be excellent quality also, hopefully it will last a long time.
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2. | Mar 31, 2014
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3. | Mar 28, 2014
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4. | Mar 28, 2014
Great hammer of Thor, that is pofruwelly helpful!
5. | Nov 18, 2013
Time to face the music armed with this great inimtoarfon.
6. | Nov 15, 2013
Please don't get me wrong. While I can see the timeless fcator and aesthetic in channel bags, and I do get tempted once in a while. But I don't know if I will ever be generous enough to open my wallet (or credit card) and treat myself with such an expensive bag. It's not like it was a few hundred bucks.
7. | Nov 14, 2013
Hi there! I've been watching ALL your voides and I think you are one of the most articulate, classic youtubers out there. Could you please tell me where you purchased your dress form/mannequin from? Also, can you please do a tutorial on your makeup that you wear for most of your voides? It looks more smokey than your basic simple tutorial', or I could be wrong. Thanks from Canada!!
8. | Jun 13, 2013
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9. | Jun 11, 2013
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10. | Jun 10, 2013
there are others but I wluodn't personally recommend them to you if I haven't tried it out myself in case of security and privacy issues, I will try to check others though and will post them in the description.