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User Comments:
1. | Jun 26, 2014
Until I found this I thoguht I'd have to spend the day inside.
2. | Apr 6, 2014
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3. | Apr 4, 2014
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4. | Apr 4, 2014
Smcda-akb what I was looking for-ty!
5. | Aug 12, 2013
THIS CONTRACT FOR 2008 SUCKS! VOTE NO!I've been with UPS for 13 years Part-Time by choice. I enjoy wonikrg Part-Time and getting Full-Time Benifits. Here in the West Region I can get the same Retirement as what UPS is offering its Full-Time Employees in the Central States. I Think all Full and Part time people should vote to join the Western Conference Pension. I understand Part timers don't even get a pension back East that SUCKS! We had a Driver Full-Time Driver Retire and he gets $3,800 month for 32 years of Service. Part-time here I've workded 13 years and I would get $1,300 mo. So by the time I put in 30 years I would get $3,000 month. I Drive Sat Air and average about 30hrs a week. They put $5.72 hour for every hour I work. The rest of the US should get the same. All Part Timers should VOTE NO!I think they should make vacation pay 25hrs or 30hrs pay if you work more than 20hrs a week. Also what about an extra vacation between the 10th year and the 20th year. Should get extra vacation at 15 years. I don't think the Western Region should Vote on the Central States Pension for them. Should be Seprate. I say Join the Western Conference Pension. Teamster Brother in OREGON
6. | Aug 10, 2013
[b][b]Im a part-timer in long island city new york/local 804. From the llttie i read im not surprised at all. The company is out to screw us over. I have been part-time for 6 years now and im would like to one day have full-time inside the hub. So i am totally against UPS not wanting to creat more full-time jobs. Im also against the low wages they want to give us througout the life of the contract. $4.00 dollars throught 5 years? They [/b][/b]must be smoking some really good drugs if they think i would even consider voting yes to something like that. THis is new york one of the most expensive places to live in the world and 4 dollars throughtout 5 years just isnt going to do it for me. Not only is the amount of money they want to offer horrible but they also want to split the raise we get? You have to be kidding me i have to wait 6 months so i can get the other half of my raise? What does UPS think we do day in and day out in the hub flip pancakes and make cookies? We do hard labor for this company ! And because of our hard work this company has become fithy rich and they treat us like we are the skum of the earth. All i know is this word of mouth is very powerful thing. Partimers including myself make up the majority of workers for this company so we all need to wake up and start communicating at work and spreading the word about how horrrrrrrrrrrrrible this tentative agreement is. Theres nothing positive about it. Its pure crap and everyday i come on here and read more and more info i just get more pist off that my union is taking out 35.00 a month out of my pay check. And they dont seem to being doing nothing for me, since UPS is having a fiesta over there with this BULL&*&*it tentative agreement. I have already informed people at work about this so that if we do get ballots at home to vote im we are all VOTING NO! THis is nothing but a slap in the face from UPS. I giant slap in the face to all the hard working people that made this company what it is today. I will def vote NO and i hope all of you out there do so also. Because its not only part-timers they want to screw over. They want to screw over full-timers also and make the top pay freeze 3 years. I cant wait to vote NO to this garbage. [color=#cccccc][/color] [center][/center] [b][/b] [b][/b] [b][/b]
7. | Aug 1, 2013
I fully agree with gteting rid of Hoffa. We have been gteting screwed since he took over. Unfortuneately too many people vote for whoever is current out of fear that the newcomers will be worse. 804 and PA are the only ones with the balls to stand up to the national. I think we have to show Redmond and his entire executive board the door first. It will take years to undo Hoffa and Redmond's givebacks, but if we stand strong and start gteting active now we can take our union back piece by piece.
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11. | Mar 9, 2012
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