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5. | Aug 5, 2014
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6. | Jun 27, 2014
Try coming up with a real issue beofre you pretend that one (1) blogger is 1.) a BIG DEAL; and 2.) and I quote RCP . . . posting links one story equals links.The way you breathless posted your comment, I had assumed that the front page was flooded with links to stories about Christie's malfeasance. I had to do a search of the site to even find this one puny blog entry. It definitely ranks up there with Bush & Katrina! Thanks for alerting us to the news. If you want to see what a real pummeling looks like, just Google Bloomberg and Snow Storm. P.S. For the truly clueless, consult your dictionary entry for HYPERBOLE.
7. | Aug 8, 2013
Sorry it took me some time First I got to say that we did not hear their side of the story.However, my opinion is that what the home buessnis did is wrong. As long as they used a known name to sell their own products. Home buessnis or not I think they should check with the owners first. Imagine you have a very successful buessnis and someone uses this for their own profit which you worked for? would you like it? What if their cup cakes are not as good as the real ones? The real Georgetown Cupcakes might have some negative comments.I am 100% with protecting owners of buessnises and franchises. Chocolate bar had their concept stolen in Saudi Arabia and they filed charges.I would like to see what the Kuwaiti owners of Georgetown Cupcake would say. At the end they have the right to defend themselves.
8. | Aug 4, 2013
: NO, I have one of their bakers and she/he is bkanig the exact recipes! I asked if the original company knows, she said NO but we are trying to take the franchise! When C& S asked, they states that they weren’t aware.First: she is not using their name, logo & company color, the whole identity “only, she is using the same recipes without them giving her permission! she is making money out of their hard work! she is attracting customers using their name. If that's not worth reporting for I don’t know what is??!!Whether it was a home business or a multi millions company, who are we to decide whether its right or wrong to report?! C & S should know and only them have the right to decide if its worth perusing of not. Its not about what and where, its about the principle of stealing someone else’s hard work just because you got the chance to do so!I personally watched 3 seasons of their show, I relate to them and I think its their right to know.
9. | Jul 31, 2013
there are others but I woudln't personally recommend them to you if I haven't tried it out myself in case of security and privacy issues, I will try to check others though and will post them in the description.