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1. | Jun 28, 2014
Writing is an activity that etexnds from scribbling a grocery reminder, all the way to the works of Shakespeare. Coding is an activity, a type of writing, that covers a similar range.According to Wolfram Aplpha, A Midsummer Night's Dream has 1019 sentences. A sentence is roughly equivalent to a statement of code a complete thought if you will. By comparison, a relatively simple iPhone app I am working on right now currently has 3073 statements. In a play, if a single line is slightly off, there might be a momentary sense in the audience that something is amiss. In an application, a single error in a single line of code makes the difference between an app that runs and one that crashes or does not even start. So, there is a different level of technical rigor. Not everyone is comfortable, or even capable, of working very long at that level of rigor. Some are though, and thanks to them, we live in a culture where a person can transparently and unwittingly rely on millions of hours of labor by many thousands of people to reach millions of minds with their writing and casually disparage that achievement.WordPress, for example, is the result of 43 person-years of coordinated effort. It is the product of 45 contributors and represents 168,610 lines of code. Not only are programs such as this collaborative in their code development, they are also a product of millions of users providing feedback. There is simply no creative product in the experience of humanity that approaches the scope of a major software package such as this. An argument can be made that software is the highest form of human creative achievement, period.I agree with you that parents should not push their children to learn any particular skillset if they have no interest. If the topic is vital to them, the child *will* come around to having an interest in it. And I agree wholeheartedly that we cannot clearly foresee the demands of a market a decade in the future, so we should be very reluctant to promote studies purely because of their perceived economic value.But if the child has an interest in programming, or writing of any kind, it should not be disparaged. It should be enthusiastically supported.The day when people capable of expressing the depth and subtlety of a Shakespeare play, or sonnet for that matter, are a dime a dozen is still as far off as it was 400 years ago. The day when people capable of writing great code are not crucial to the advancement of humanity are at least as far off.
2. | May 24, 2013
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3. | May 21, 2013
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4. | May 20, 2013
Nintendo.I'm not saying that becuase the Wii is my favorite console, or becuase it has the best games. I'm saying that becuase Nintendo has been around longer than Sony and MS combined and makes money on their consoles hand over fist while their competition is taking losses.In fact Nintendo has the ONLY console this generation that is actually selling for more than what it costs to make. They're the only console that hasn't had to lower their sales price to move merchandise, and on top of that, in addition to the Wii's success, the Nintendo DS has done better than any handheld ever has (and has trounced it's only competitor, the PSP, which is a much more advanced piece of hardware).Nintendo does not have the most powerful console on the market. They don't have the best online service (in fact, they probably have the worst of the three ). They don't have the most hardcore games on their system. They don't even really have the best games, period, on their system. And yet, they've still kicked Sony's and MS's collective butts this generation.So when you ask "who is the better company", it has to go to Nintendo.
5. | Nov 4, 2012
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6. | Mar 7, 2012
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