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User Comments:
1. | May 26, 2014
I secahred a bunch of sites and this was the best.
2. | Feb 7, 2014
Directv is an abusive coamnpy which I worked for them for 4 years.they chargercustinera alot of money for their programming,but they don't pay fair to their technicians.they don't give u rights and they squezze u very good to get everything out if u.I never had very bad problems with them,but I remember Thatu used to showed up to work very scared not feeling job security,due to actions and tactics they always use to scare u of loosing ur job.
3. | Jan 29, 2014
I have a motorhome mootrized Hughes Internet Sat dish I paid 5k for in 2005. I stopped subscribing to the net service but would like to use the dish for FTA sats. Is this possible? It seeks the DirecTV/Hughes Internet sat automatically even though I no longer have an account. It has to just to find out if I do have an account. I thought I might be able to calibrate another lnb to be correctly placed when I am tuned to the Directv sat. Are they close enough together for at least 1sat?
4. | Jan 28, 2014
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5. | Oct 18, 2013
There is more than 50km from any city with PD/FD or ambulance. Not a fly weteahr for ambulance helicopter. Why you think nobody call them?And in this situation there is no possibility to help injured 'cause the may have broken bones or neck you rather kill him not help. And i such a temperatire they will be frozen in any way