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User Comments:
1. | Jul 7, 2014
etot kurginyan sodalt rothschildov! ego tozhe raskrutshiwaut w Rossii dlja psewdosozialisma po trotskomu (nowi tolpolitarism) i raswala Rossii (revoluzia kak eto uzhe bilo) Info pro kurginyana na KPE.  ru !!!Dmitri Slawoljubov ..wash bibleiski projekt w rasnowidnoi forme skoro prowaliza i washa psewdowlast (kapitalism, pwsewdosozialism gde toka elita rulit a ne narod..) isbrannix balnix skoro bolshe nebudet
2. | Jun 27, 2014
FredThats it that is a report on an issue of such inaprtomts? How about telling the folks that by not reporting they are hiding who they have received money from and who the have given money to. They did not report for the election last year in which they worked to defeat a member of the Morris Township committee. Come on Fred do some reporting here.Fred you say The committee should rectify this problem as soon as possible how about you ask them to tell you what they will be reporting and what they have done with their cash..