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1. | Jul 22, 2014
I agreed with and was glad to see Harvey not striatng in the UConn game. His mood swings just isnt good enough. I think Lawrence and Theodore sharing the point guard position is just going to get better and better.The other position needing the change now is in the Center position. The UConn game shows proof again that Jon Garcia just isnt quick enough and doesnt have the Center moves to compete against the Centers in the Big East.Farrakon Hall is getting better and better and I think he should be sharing that position with Pope with Jeff Robinson coming to share the Power Forward Position with Pope. Then have Garcia come off the bench to deal with the oppositions bench Centers later in the game.He is just not Big East Good enough and is hurting the team. A couple of times you can see Garcia back away from positions underneath the basket where he could have made the easier rebound or block outs.
2. | Jun 27, 2014
up a batch of these to serve at your next get-together. They make a great addition to the aepetizpr tablea0at your upcoming holiday feasts. Go French and offer aperitifs: lay out a bowl of olives, a