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1. | Jun 26, 2014
Ok finished patining some trim pieces. Got to do the whole house window trims, doors next, baseboard, then last crown molding. Unplanned plumbing work over July 4th, thus pushed over one more week on trim works.I am a regular to this board for 4 years, love it.Let's see in 4 years if I made the right decision buying in this April. Got plenty of toys though, miter saw, table saw, circular saw, reciprocating saw, tools and tools during first week demolition, i filled a 36 cubic yard dumpster. I think I give homedepot a decent stimulus. And, hired a tax lawyer this week. Dame town is telling me tax going up by $1,500 in November. I just move in less three months and not all my walls are covered by dry walls yet. Have a urge to recall Christie, since he did not get me the -2.00% tax increase year-to-year.What if we all citizens automatically reduce our property tax by -10%, then everyone has a tax lien then no body cares right? Must the be paint thinner I am smelling all night in garage. see ya
2. | Jan 3, 2014
children shouldn’t smoke pot, and that it’s an adult attivicy. You attempted to portray prohibition as somehow protecting children, when ALL reformers know it harms them. No. No one KNOWS what is your opinion.Since prohibition on alcohol our teen drunk rate has become the worst on the planet.teem use in Holland and those looking for help with pot addiction rose dramtically after they decriminalized it because intial legislation and regulation was insufficient you really should try quitting resting on your… laurels. The only thing I had to judge by was what you were saying mostly prohibitionist arguments. If you want to stop being seen in that light, stop making their case. You should really be man and just admitt the facts I posted 2 years ago and stop this childish pretending that only what I said on the thread can be applied to my argument.Its really quite pathetic when you yourself use references that are dated more than two years ago.I can show proof here at other blogs and my own that my positions have been consistent for years.You cannot show otherwise other than to throw out the crap you pulled outa yer butt Happy? Nope, that was dumb.Try and run that line of crap off to any cop or doctor in an emergency ward or the mother whos kids are hungry because dad screwed of the grocery money on potObviously you have a problem with people who approve of things like pot in our society but simply want precautions based on fact.
3. | Jan 2, 2014
Great arteilc, thank you again for writing.
4. | Dec 16, 2013
Stop swinging from his nuts long enugoh to notice that Christie is an evil, rude corporatist whose support stems from hatred he's incited amongst the NJ people. Disagree with him and he sicks the propaganda machine on you.
5. | Dec 14, 2013
children shouldn't smoke pot, and that it's an adult acttviiy. You attempted to portray prohibition as somehow protecting children, when ALL reformers know it harms them.>>> In the face of my 2 year old articles I’ve written You really should try quitting resting on your laurels. The only thing I had to judge by was what you were saying mostly prohibitionist arguments. If you want to stop being seen in that light, stop making their case.>>> crying for legalization and those here who say I’m not a prohibitionist you’re still stupid enough to try and make me out to be a prohibitionist because thats your only link to having an argument.>>> its not “ABSOLUTELY” safe. Period Okay. Let's try to make some progress here. We'll let it slide on who began it, and I'll AGREE with you! Marijuana is not absolutely safe. Smoking it can cause minor irritation to the lungs, and newbies can get into trouble if they go out driving after they take their first tokes.Happy?
6. | Dec 13, 2013
they will take part in a debate on WBGO Jazz 88 on Thursday, October 22 at 8pm. But Republican guboenatrrial nominee Christopher Christie is waiting to see how Corzine responds to debate invitations from League of Women Voters debate for October 16, which would have been broadcast by the New York and Philadelphia ABC affiliate, and from NJ 101.5. Jon Corzine is afraid to debate on a major network affiliate with a large audience but agrees to a debate on a station whose board is stacked with Democrat party loyalists, said Christie strategist Michael DuHaime. He should be willing to go on network if for no other reason than to apologize to as many New Jerseyans as possible for raising income, business and property taxes, taking way property tax rebates and property tax deductions and doubling the unemployment rate. On Election Day, he won't be able to hide behind his money anymore. After Corzine initially refused to participate in New Jersey Network's October 1 debate that was sanctioned by the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC), NJN tried to move it back to October 22, since Corzine indicated he would take part then. That led to ELEC's four commissioners deadlocked along partisan lines, and to Corzine acquiescing to the original date. Christie Campaign Manager Bill Stepien then issued a statement inviting Corzine to debate on the later date, since it appears his schedule is also open for a debate on Oct. 22. While we have agreed to the debate, Christie has not, even after he challenged the governor to debate on that very same date-, said Corzine spokeswoman Elizabeth Smith.WBGO News Director Doug Doyle said that the October 22 date is not final, and that the station is attempting to find a way to accommodate all three candidates. There's nothing official on that on any side, because it's still in the preliminary talks, he said.The Newark-based station reaches the northern half of New Jersey, all five boroughs of New York City and parts of New York State. Doyle said that he will look into partnering up with other public radio stations if he can confirm a date with all three candidates.
7. | May 18, 2013
Hahahaha. I'm not too bgrhit today. Great post!