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User Comments:
1. | Jul 22, 2014
hey john,you mentioned that you found it odd that daffy got dry burehsd while the dog had a more solid smear. Now you had a great point with variation--something I'm guilty of not doing often myself. But it feels like they used the solid smear to make the dog appear faster than daffy. The solid smears always seemed to be used for the super fast action, but the dry brush was the cel way of creating just a slight motion blur.This would make sense with the fact that the dog is trying to beat daffy in the speed department here. Awesome post as usual!
2. | Jun 29, 2014
It's true that people don't smear in front of you, but if you were sihntoog them with a camera, you would see "motion blur". I suspect that smears are partly an attempt to capture that, as an alternative to drybrush.One thing that I did notice about smears when I first spotted them a few years ago is that they tend to alter the "colour" of the scene if there's a lot of contrast to begin with. If you think of a dark background with a smeared white object (e.g. Bugs' glove when he's conducting in "Long-Haired Hare"), the object seems brighter during the motion, because it's taking up more screen area. This results in a visual "pop" which I now find quite distracting.If I were doing it today, I'd be experimenting with darkening the glove during the motion to avoid that "pop". (I'm sure Mondrian would approve.) Note that this is something that probably would have been prohibitively expensive in the 40s because changing the colour requires mixing paint.
3. | Jan 17, 2014
People nomlalry pay me for this and you are giving it away!
4. | Jan 16, 2014
Your answer shows real inteeliglnce.
5. | Nov 15, 2013
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6. | Nov 12, 2013
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7. | Nov 11, 2013
well youre right but when i first time watched this it was tebrirle feeling and it was bad ass pile up btw i hope they are probably all alive but shit happens everything else se Dio vuole..saluti da italia e udine..ciao