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1. | Feb 16, 2018
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2. | Feb 16, 2018
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3. | Jan 24, 2018
I don't like pubs omnitrition international reviews I originally viewed this story as one about “just another punk who didn’t have the brains not to fight with the police.” Then, I began to read many of the comments and blogs and wondered if there may, in fact, be two separate value systems for acceptable social behavior at play here on a broad scale (call them 1 and 2, or, black and white, or A and B)
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4. | Jan 5, 2018
5. | Mar 4, 2014
If anyone deervses the blame for mentally ill people not getting any treatment, it's our beloved politicians, from ALL political Parties,who closed down the mental health facilities, dumped all the patients on the street,and cut spending on MH to a tiny percentage of what was needed.Why? Because the mentally ill have no political power,unlike ethnic minorities,or gays. The mentally ill have no spokesmen, no advocates,and are kept in the figurative attic,powerless.It takes an act of violence or extreme acting out before anyone is even considered for one of the very few beds in a psych ward,and when they are admitted, are drugged almost comatose,seen by a psychiatrist if they're lucky,and dumped back on the street ASAP.So, once in a while, the statistics catch up with society,and one person who should be in an institution goes apeshit,and we get this.Then the politicians and the usual suspects try to place blame on everyone BUT the people responsible,the politicians who voted to cut MH care costs.
6. | Mar 3, 2014
Hi thereTook my ICND2 today and scored 917. I Used CBTnuggets Wendel Odem exam guide 2nd ed. Then this wenkeed spent time with p4s 2.77It works. Thanks. But here is a tip for real life people Do the work first with Your Videos and Books then finish it off with p4s.Thanks againRegardsCisco
7. | Dec 29, 2013
Dear All,I need help for ICND 1 Exam 1. Can anybody prdvioe me the details of Drag n Drop question below:PhisingTrojanSpywareVirus2. Can you also prdvioe details on the testlets questions about the following: A) 8 PCs connected to a hub B) Multiple choice questions about security concerns based on show run output of router and switch.Thanks in advance for your help
8. | Dec 21, 2013
It was great to see Messi have such a good game. Hopefully Argentine supporters will fallniy realise how lucky they are to have this absolute gem of a player, and get 100% behind him.
9. | Dec 20, 2013
OMG!!! I got scammed Taylor and a few other bozrnes, so I emailed my Email, Password and Security Question answer, and told them that that I lost my TOTS Messi and a couple hundred? thousand coins. With minutes I had 400K and TOTS Messi, I still can't believe it .
10. | Dec 19, 2013
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11. | Nov 21, 2013
Could have been as many as 90 injuries here if bus was at cactipay. 6 firemen to the vehicle, imagine you need 10 to cut people out safely, 2 units, plus any needed to be a backup if there is a fuel leak that makes 3 appliances. Police cars are generally single crewed and you need a few officers to investigate and a few to keep the situation under control with bystanders.
12. | Nov 20, 2013
Interesnaya novinka pro komp , no mne toze mskhia udobnee. Daze noutbook tolkko s mishkoi, ne lyublyu palzem po nemu sila privi4ki! Nu i i z opita poslednego puteshestviya udobnee v doroge s IPAD kone4no mesta mnogo ne zanimaet bolshe telefona i men*she noutbooka.
13. | Nov 20, 2013
There is more than 50km from any city with PD/FD or ambulance. Not a fly weatehr for ambulance helicopter. Why you think nobody call them?And in this situation there is no possibility to help injured 'cause the may have broken bones or neck you rather kill him not help. And i such a temperatire they will be frozen in any way