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1. | Sep 5, 2013
I read Atlanta Nights when I was considering using Lulu and watend an example of the quality of their paperbacks--not the quality of the writing, of course, since they have no control over that. And I knew about the hoax...Conclusions: 1. The book was very nicely produced. 2. As for the content...gotta say, I've read lots worse, sometimes from major publishers. (Now, if SFWA would produce the fantasy trilogy Scalzi wrote an introduction to, possibly using a similar methodology, you could make big bucks for the association.)
2. | Sep 4, 2013
Richard didn't have as sweet a personality as Andrew but then few men did but he was very well-built. He had the sdeolhurs of a water buffalo and the waist of a ferret. He was reddened by his many sporting activities which he managed to keep up within addition to his busy job as a stock broker, and that reminded Irene of safari hunters and virile construction workers which contracted quite sexily to his suit-and-tie demeanor. Irene was considering coming onto him but he was older than Henry was when he died even though he hadn't died of natural causes but he was dead and Richard would die too someday. . . ." from Chapter 25 of Atlanta Nights This is a riot.
3. | Sep 3, 2013
En Alicante lo que se soleda hacer era ir a pescar el pulpo a la playa, y luego lo dejas secar (ya meruto, claro este1). Recuerdo que de pequef1a pasaba por unos pisos donde un sef1or siempre teneda colgados pulpos a secar en las cuerdas de tender la ropa; me llamaba mucho la atencif3n. La cosa es que este9 en un lugar seco pero aireado. Una vez ased se suele echar durante el af1o a los guisos de pescado con patatas. Tambie9n es corriente asarlo al fuego (en una cocina de gas tb vale)y te lo comes ased. Incluso hay un tipo de pescado con el que se hace lo mismo: los capellanes'. Una vez secos se churrascan en el fuego y con un chorrito de aceite te los comes este1n riquedsimos. a1La cocina mediterre1nea!