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I'm a bit far away to come give you a hand, but here's some tips:- Double-click on the pencil tool and turn off "keep steeceld"; turn on "fill new pencil strokes" and "edit steeceld". This will make it actually useful for drawing with a tablet - I find the default settings to be completely unusable.- My general rule of thumb is that any line or shape I find myself drawing-and-undoing with the pencil tool three times is one I need to switch to the pen tool for.- Pen tool fundamentals: Pull curve handles out to about 1/3 of the line segment they control; don't try to curve through more than about 90ba between two control points, don't try to do an s-curve between two points. Follow those rules and your curves will be fairly easy to control, and look more pleasing.If you're trying to achieve a final piece that looks like the image you posted, it is possible, but it's kind of a pain in the butt.I don't like using it myself, but you might want to try using Live Paint to fill in areas with color, then do object->live paint->expand and paint inside the colored areas to create shading. (Easy if you have CS5 - select the area, hit D twice (you'll see little dotted corners appear around the shape you steeceld), shift-apple-A to deselect it, then pick a color and draw some stuff. Harder if you have an older version; draw the stuff you want to go inside, push it to the back with apple-shift-[ or pull the bigger shape to the front with apple-shift-], select interior bits and big bit at once, then object->clipping mask->make, which "helpfully" removes all color on the shape it's clipping everything into.)- When you make color swatches, double-click on them and turn on the "global" checkbox. This will let you alter your palette later in the piece with no fuss, just double-click on the swatch and fiddle with the sliders. This, more than anything else, is the killer feature that made me decide AI was for me.Hope that helps some!
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