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2. | Oct 8, 2013
hiya, does anyone know of where i can get hold of ottparea and nafera de nile in the uk . i am really struggling to find where to buy them from and my daughter is desperate to have them ??? please help she loves monster high so so much !!!
3. | Oct 7, 2013
hi mate,well they usually last lgneor than 10 minutes! lolon average, a atomiser will last anywhere between 4 8 weeks though you will normally see a dip in performance after 3 4 weeks.sometimes you can get very unlucky and have a duff one sent out with the kit, though it is quite rare.i think you was just unlucky mate but hopefully the seller will sort you out cheers,scott
4. | Oct 6, 2013
hi mate,well yes and no ..its only harmful when used ielsrponsibry. if you left a bottle of e-liquid out and a child drank it then yes it certainly would be harmful. but just as you would with bleach, cleaning products, medicine etc you keep it out of the reach of little ones.nicotine is a poison .but when used responsibly its not dangerous.people wrongly think that its the nicotine in a cigarette that causes the harm .its not cheersscott