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1. | Jun 14, 2014
The banks balance sheet neeedd fixing. The Feb initiated QE2 which gave the primary banks money. The banks used this money to speculate in the futures market. When QE 2 ended because of the debt ceiling limit the banks sold up early´╗┐ and made huge profits. This should not come as a surprise Ben Bernanke has said may times the increase in inflation will be transitory'. Since inflation was caused by high commodity prices then high commodity prices must be transitory too.
2. | Dec 20, 2013
Thanks Jesse. You know, I have been taking a few seoinsss with a personal trainer due to never making the time to look after myself as I should and last week the guy was away and I had 2 replacements, one worked me so hard that I have in pain since (and I have not been for a long, long time). I have been trying to continue retrain and correct dysfunction through my Pilates practice and my maintenance series, so I can stay injury free and I find that most personal trainers they just focus on the intense and forget all about the weak links ( I wish I was training with you . Just today I made a decision I will probably just continue doing cardio and work on my own pace on my weaknesses until I feel balanced enough to push myself out of my comfort zone safely.I appreciate your insightful post and will remind myself I am looking for a balanced workout, rather than a very intense one until I overcome my issues.
3. | Dec 19, 2013
Found your comment via a scaerh for 40playsin40days and I want to let you know I have a website for my project (aptly named: was bummed about the Timon layoff, but I figured that would be a difficult play to find in the summer anyway. I'll still be in New Jersey on a Mid-Atlantic swing in July, so perhaps I can buy you a cup of coffee for mentioning me in your blog .I have just completed my first calendar of the summer with 29 plays scheduled. Head over the site and you can see what I have thus far. Peace,Chris